so i was at walmart...

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  1. and someone ejaculated on some hdmi cables in the electronic section... like it was definatly jizz.... fucking EW!
  2. what the fuck? which walmart?
  3. did you tell the manager?
  4. one right next to brattleboro, vermont. i told the old lady at teh checkout counter by the videogames, she didn't believe me til i showed her.
  5. Nice thread buddy.

    True Life: I found jizz in Walmart
  6. thats hilarious


  7. god i hate that walmart...havent been there in a while...never will now...ha i didnt know guys in hinsdale were turned on by HDMI cables
  8. I would have loved to of have caught that guy yanking off.
  9. You sure about that? You startle a guy like that hes liable to blow his load toward you.

  10. musta been some sexy hdmi cables :D
  11. :yummy: Wouldn't Be the first time.
  12. Ill give you two thumbs up.
  13. throw mine in there.
  14. haha, i don't even know what to say about that.
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  16. Bling Bling.

    Its time for my wake and bake.
  17. What are you supposed to say to a story like that? lol
  18. That was the funiest shit i have read in a while
  19. hahaha thats fucked up dude.
    our walmart was evacuated last week bc of a bomb threat.

    just felt like sharing i guess. ha

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