so i was approached by a military recruiter on campus the other day...

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. chicken? how fukin old are? you must be old as the hills.Dunno how shit worked bak \'nam old man but we got these things called rights n morals now...

  2. you have to think; who are you really fighting for? sure, most people are brainwashed to think that they are defending their country fighting the terrorists when they sign up.

    i will stand up and defend my country any day of the week. i am going to defend my country by doing whatever i can to get George Bush out of office. he is the real threat to america.

    i am not going to go fight so the bush boys can grant bid free multibillion dollar defense contracts to their cronies. this whole war is about money, oil, and power. the whole system is corrupt, full of lies, and rotten to the core.

    so chicken (how ironic you chose that username) don\'t you dare even infer that i am not a man, or not as much of a man as you because i don\'t support bush enough to get involved in all of the pointless shit he has started in this world.
  3. Rep +
  4. +rep, dude.

    Fighting a war you don\'t agree on is as stupid as voting for a candidate you know nothing about. If the US was to attack every single innocent little bunny because they looked at them the wrong way- would you join in just to \"serve\" your country?

    The military doesn\'t turn a boy into a man. Fighting your own battles and making your own decisions in life makes a man.
  5. if youll would have took the time to read my earlier post youd seen \'\'\'i dont agree with this war\'\'\'\' dumbass,,,,the origanal post was him complaining about body armour,,,,, i hate to tell you aint no fking body armour going to stop a 7.62 bullet,,,,,, fragment of a grenade possible,,,, he wanted to go to college,,, the military can supply him with this ,,, i gave the good side and the bad side,,,,i hated the military,, but i commited myself to it and i completed my obligation,,,,,,a lot more than some of you young punks can say about proably anything youve ever done in your own lives,,,,,,,and ironic how i use the name chicken\'\'\' thats funny also to me\'\'\' it as a fact is a name i aqquired in the military,,,, it was chicken-hawk,,,, because i stood up to a full bird colonel over some bullshit i didnt agree with,,,,something you dont do in the military,,,that was in 87-91,,, 15 yrs. ago,,, over the years the hawk part has been dropped,,, its my c.b. handle i drive a dumptruck every day,,, most people in this town couldnt even tell you my real name,,,, they just know me by chicken,,,,,so yeah why not use it,,, better than some lame ass bullshit you come up with to make yourself seem inferior over others,,,,such uninformed assholes,,,,, but youll know it all dont you,,,,,, got the answers to all problems,,, you dont know shit,,,,spend some time ina jail cell where you only come out 1 hr. a day ,,,, you carry on conversations with people that way over time, and you learn not to be so quick at any judgemental thoughts,,,, youll got a lot of learning to do in life,,,,,a whole lot,,,,,
  6. you know what, you\'ve must made it so perfectly clear. you are clearly so much better than us. i now see that we are just \"punks and whiney ass liberals\". thank you for clearing that up for us. i feel so inspired now. you should really find another forum to use with people up to your intellectual standards. i\'m sure that trent lott has a forum on his webpage. you seem like you would be a good candidate.
  7. yeah yeah yeah ,,, ive made my last post here i believe ive covered all my bases,,,, you either agree or disagree,,,, whatever , political topics sucks,,none never agrees 100%,,,,,,after the 4th post i knew where this thread was going,,,,and i fed my bait out and youll bit it and swallowed the hook,,,,,suckers,,,,,,,,,i explained it to you so clearly,,,,,, when you are locked down you learn to communicate on a whole different level,,,,, plus i am a truck driver,, been one for years,,, do you actually think i dont know how to manipulate my words to get the outcome i desire,,,,,lets keep this seperate from a serious forum,,,,,, this is bullshit,,,, so i bullshitted with you,,,, if were on a grow forum thats dead serious,,,, i dont play there,,all my posts on a serious forum are serious replys,,,,,get mad i dont care,,,,,suckers are born every minute,,,,i aint a bad fellow but some replys to this thread were uncalled for,,,, therefor i dropped the hammer,,,,,,suckers!!!!!!!!:wave:
  8. What\'s with the commas?
  9. this war is retarded.
    but somebodys gotta be there when shit goes down.
    thanks for keeping me safe man.

    +rep for your balls
  10. according to

    douche bag:
    1. chicken

    2. an object used for vaginal hygiene

    3. somebody who you think is a complete retard and doesn\'t know
    anything about what they\'re talking about.

    4. the scientific name for schmucks who roll up in public wearing wife-
    beaters or oversized jeans. Can also be found wearing sunglasses in
    nightclubs and/or sun-visors on backwards and upside down. These
    people should be drug outside and shot in the stomach, then used as speed bumps to prevent any neon-toting lowrider crap-mobiles from
    infesting the neighborhood and lowering property values
  11. yeah i guess ill put me a new heading under my urban dictionary,,WEEDZILLA 420;;; ONE WHOS BALLS ARE THE SAME SIZE AS THAT OF A NUETERED SQUIRREL,, you were the original poster of this thread,, whats wrong you cant handle the truth,,im going to continue to follow this thread,,,i rec. a p.m.,, begging me to keep my vigilance up,,so whats the next escuse there weedzilla,, nah we\"ll just refer to you as squirell..seems that a lot more people than me think that you and some of the other repplyers to your thread,,are full of shit,,,and youll are starting to show it big time,,,commenting on my commas,, talking shit about my username,,and you calling me a douchebag,,,really lame guys,, youll can do better than that im sure,,,seems like i done and pissed all of you off,, and all ive done is point out a couple of facts,,, thruth hurts dont it,, as ive already expressed to youll,, you cant debate the truth,, dont worry though uncle sam aint going to call up your asses,,he aint got no use for a bunch of whinning ass pussies,,, thats why its volentarly,, to keep people with youlls mentallity,,, out,, i dont want no mammas boy watching my back,,i want a man watching my back,, and he can be rest assured a man is watching his,,,you aint got to worry about the military,, you pussies wouldnt even make it through boot camp... NUFF SAID.... AMEN AMEN AMEN,,,,looking forward to your next post,, so i can throw some more truth on you,, maybe your next post will be a little less childish,,, but i doubt it,, seems youll cant stay on topic,,, just throwing one slur after another ,,maybe youll can all get together and gang up on me,,because one on one i think im starting to show just how ignorant all of you are,,truly no hard feelings,, i just hate people who cant face the truth,, instead they hide behind lies.:p
  12. well wont you look at that, post 31 dont have a bad rep box ,,,,looks like a moderator removed it,, the good rep box is there,,, what does that tell you,, SQUIRELL.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhahahhahahahahahahahah
  13. Honestly, this is rediculous. We\'ve had a recent influx of immaturity which we thought was due to age...apparently you don\'t have to be young to behave in such a manner. Chicken, people might listen to you if your tone of voice wasn\'t so insulting. You say you have a problem with authority, and it seems like you also have a probelm with constructive criticism. People WILL disagree with you that they need to \"man up,\" and for a man of your age not to know that is really sad.
  14. Yeah, this thread is OVER!!!
    What the fuck, people?
    I don\'t even have anything to say about this.
  15. Well, apparently I do have something to say. Someone got a temporary ban. I need to read the rest of the thread to see if anyone else will.


    Side note: People need not respond to name-calling and such with even more name-calling.
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