so i was approached by a military recruiter on campus the other day...

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. he was a young black guy from the army. he seemed really friendly and approached me and shook my hand introducing himself. he asked me what type of career i wanted and i told him i wanted to be an attorney. he asked me if i had given any thought to joining the military and i said yes i had thought about it but decided it wasn\'t for me. he asked why and i explained that i loved my country but did not support the current leadership in america. i told him that i had nothing but respect for individuals who love their country enough they are willing to fight and even die for it. i explained what i didn\'t have respect for was the complete lack of appreciation the govt has for it\'s own troops. wounded soldiers come back and the govt sends them their own medical bills. they send the troops out w/inadequate body armor so the troops have to pay for their own armor out of pocket. he agreed somewhat w/my position and said that he really respected what i had to say. he wished me luck in life as did i him and we went on our ways.
  2. Should have smoked him out...
  3. I thought it woulda been hilarious if he had said \"You know, you\'re right. I never thought about it that way. Fuck this shit!\" and then tears off his fatigues right there. Reminds me of the beginning of Dogma... What a great movie remember Buddy Jesus? Oh man George Carlin is great I remember this one time he said a quote \"The job of a comedian is to find out where the line is and then to cross it\" That was on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, about a particular Boondocks episode where Rufus goes to White Heaven and meets Ronald Reagan. Man what\'s the deal with Ronald Reagan getting so much +rep after he died? Everyone hated his leadership style while he was in office and now he\'s one of the greatest presidents of all time? WTF.
  4. pretty lame escuses there fellow for not wanting to serve,,,,, i did it from 87-91,,,,you should at least do it for 4 yrs. you sound like you are kind of leaning that way,,, you want to go to college,, well each military post has like a small college on it,, that give you credits,,,, they have the g.i. bill which when you get out you have all this money stored up for school..... now ,, if you like to get high and party, and fight and raise hell,,, and hate shaving every day, short hair,, everyone telling you what to do,,,, then i wouldnt suggest it,,, thmilitary has such strict rules,,,,, they are just waiting to throw the book at you....... i was in germany... they fucking threw the book at me for having a german girl in my room,,,, i was through with the military right then,,,shit i gotta get some pussy,,,, it aint for everyone,,,,, but at least make sure the reason no is a good one and not some pussy ass reply......
  5. That\'s awesome!

    I love coming away from situtations like that with mutual respect for somebody whose fundamental beleifs can be incredibly different.

  6. Ahhh... the days of President Ronnie! The Teflon Coated President! Everyone hated his leadership style?! That\'s not the way I remember it. I\'m a die hard Liberal, but I still respected the man and what he did as president even though I was hating every step that he made. His policies and ideas were out there... way out there! In order to bankrupt the Soviet Union, thus ending the Cold War, he sold this country on the concept of \'trickle-down economics\' while, at the same time, spending us into our first 12-digit deficit funding the arms race. How\'d he do it? By being an actor and marrying a woman obsessed with making her husband President of the United States. And this country prospered because of his leadership. But I know that doesn\'t matter to everyone. Just my opinion.
  7. Point taken. +rep

    But still you get mine though? I didn\'t mean *everybody* disapproved, but it\'s interesting how time screws with your perception.
  8. It\'s called the memory system.

    Your body likes to store GOOD memories, not bad ones.
  9. I\'ve always heard the opposite. Don\'t we remember more bad things than good... :confused:
  10. well this is a first i got some BAD rep for my reply,,,,,,i give you the good side, if your a nerd,,,,, and the bad side if you like to party or have a free spirit,,,,one told me i was a dumbass,, and the other told me to go fuck myself,,,,,,, which really makes me chuckle,,,this is a pot grow forum,,, bad rep for a political question aint cool in my book i take my rep seriously,,, and dont give it out freely,,,, rep me up or down on a pot issue ,, im fine with that,,,,, youll really pissed me off,,,,:devious:
  11. please keep in mind that I did not issue any bad rep to anyone
  12. you can shove that right up your.........ahem.......yeah

    dont preach for his reasons, some people don\'t want do deal with bullshit military man and just because they do not want to you do not have to hound him for it
  13. ,, if you like to get high and party, and fight and raise hell,,, and hate shaving every day, short hair,, everyone telling you what to do,,,, then i wouldnt suggest it,,, thmilitary has such strict rules,,,,,,,, it aint for everyone,,,,, but at least make sure the reason no is a good one and not some pussy ass reply......[/quote]

    Would it be a good reason if, say, you don\'t want to have to kill innocent children to show your patriotism?
  14. the recruiter people came to my school and on the little form under diseases i put gay and under that diabetic
    the guy was like im sorry your not eligable and he gave me a keychain
  15. im done withthis thread,,,, a bunch of negativity,,,, ill stick to the pot growing threads,,,,theres so many reasons why you cant,,, stand and be a man,,,,,,, but only 1 reason why you can stand and be a man,,,,,, do you think your freedom was free,,, a lot of people died to pay the price,,,,,,if your scared dont enlist ,,it is volentarilly,,,,i just think some of you are a bunch of pussies raised with a nipple in your mouth and mommas skirt to run under,,,, you dont know how to be a man,,,,, see ya im done with this topic:eek:
  16. its fine if YOU wanna fight man, but do not expect EVERYONE else to fight too, like you said, its voluntary

    yeah and people DID fight for freedom and paid the price, its BEEN paid, meaning its already ours, we dont need to keep paying for it
  17. this is true,,, i have no further debate on this issue:wave:
  18. Having the balls to even consider throwing down your ownlife for that of your people and your future generations is the most noble thing you can do. To all who serve and to anyone who is going to serve, I thank and appreciate your service not only to your country, but to society as a whole. Oohrah.

  19. you didn\'t exactly fight some genocidal nazis so what the hell were you fighting for? stationed in germany give me a break.
  20. well, whatever on that abovesaid issue regarding fighting for your country being necessary in order to justify the freedom you were born with.

    YES, we take freedom for granted, but in my opinion, the people who died for freedom must expect that. I mean, you went in to fight for people\'s freedom to do what? so that people can have the freedom to do whatever the hell they want (as long as you\'re not hurting other people in the process, broad I know, but true)! thusly, I wouldn\'t get angry if I had served and somebody had said, \"hell, I ain\'t fighting for this freedom of mine, I have it, if somebody comes up to me and starts steppin on it, then yeh, I\'ll lay down some shit, but fuck, I just want to do my thing!\" then that person shouldn\'t be prosecuted for feeling that way! hell, that\'s what freedom is all about! the freedom to do your own thing! Now I know you want to be respected for your time and your service, blah blah blah, but you signed up for it mang! It\'s not like we all asked you to protect our freedom! I mean, thanks alot, but damn, have an open mind.

    In regards to the original post of this thread, I have to say I\'d probably say the same thing to a military recruiter, either that or I\'d just say \"sorry, I wouldn\'t pass the drug test, bye!\" lol :D
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