So I want to smoke with my parents...

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    They'll deny it, but they totally smoke.

    There's overwhelming evidence. Two days ago I came home at 2 a.m. (completely sober) and the house smelled kinda "funny" and I watched my mom completely annihilate all of the food in the kitchen.

    My sister has smelled pot in my house and asked if I was lighting up, but I've never smoked in my house with my parents home. I never told her that I think it's our parents, but it definitely wasn't either of us!

    The older I get, the less my mom cares about sharing her opinions that pot isn't terrible and should be legalized (even though when I was younger she told me she'd kill me if I ever came home high, etc etc) and we've even argued over how much someone should pay for an ounce.

    If they know I smoke, they've never made it obvious, but I feel like there's a mutual understanding that we both smoke and then deny it because they are my parents, after all.

    But I really want to smoke with them! How should I approach it?
  2. Im sure that was a typo but i laughed....
    Your 18 dude go ask em... be like wanna light up i can get some good stuff
  3. That was a typo but it's so ironic haha.
  4. Just dont have your shit on you when you ask
    because they might take it and fake the "good parent" image.
    know what i mean?
  5. o_O I never thought of that... good point
  6. It has to be the right circumstances too, just casually approach them about it and put the idea in their heads...

    I asked my dad about half a dozen times jokingly/seriously before he came around.
  7. I think the best way to approach this is the most direct route. In my experience, us stoners are spontaneous people. I think you should sit in your kitchen or dining room one night when your sister isnt around, and put your feet up on the table and light one up, and have a couple pre rolled ones sitting on the table. When they walk in, offer them one. :smoke:
  8. if your parents are christians throw them a bible and then ask them if they smoke. and then if they say no, say "hey mister/missy thats the word of god in your hand. are you sure you dont smoke?" haha. me and my lil sis caught her dad (half sister) now we blaze with him. and old people have good shit. nuff said.
  9. Don't do it, It would be so awkward.
  10. Yeah smoking with a parent's usually awkward, even if you have a really good relationship with them

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