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So I want to grow outdoors in Washington State

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by The Cannabis, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Ok so this year I am planning an outdoor grow. Ive got tons of seeds, ive got all my materials, and everything is ready i'm just waiting for it to start getting sunny, and warm.

    Weather really is a bitch in Washington this year. Usually we rarely receive snow in Western Washington but for the past 4 weeks it has snowed every weekend at my house.
    This is frustrating for me because I don't think I will be able to start until Mid June or so. Our last frost is usually March 24th but its not looking like that this year.

    Right now I have two grow spots planned out. One is on a wetlands near a freshwater lake about 5 minutes from my house, and the other is a nice Green forest and I found a spot that receives plenty of sunlight.

    Yea so I was wondering if anyone who lives in Washington or Oregon that has any outdoor growing experience could possibly give me some advice, and tell me what your growing experience in the Pacific Northwest. Advice from anyone else would be nice too.

  2. Your situation sounds very much like mine. It's my frist grow actually, and it's outdoors. Some advice would be make it organic, and really watch for slugs'n'shit. Also, the best advice I've heard besides having the right mix of soil, is to use Mineral Water. It's direct CO2 to the roots!
  3. Hey that's weird, I'm growing in a green spot like 5 minutes from my house...

    Is the town you live in start with an m?
  4. Hi from tacoma, I love growing outdoors around here because in the flowering months it usually rains enough to wear I Don't have to personally water my ladies as much reducing the chance of getting caught gotta watch out for bud mold aswell.:hello:
  5. Living in the Federal Way area and starting my first outdoor garden this May. Ive been trying prep my site but this spring weather has made it difficult to stay dry. Getting to my location has been a bithc too. I am very curious as to how other crops in this area have faired, as well as what the finished product looks like.

  6. haha are you in monroe?

    And its comforting to see that there are other people attempting outdoor grows in my area :smoke: haha
  7. #7 champloo, Mar 20, 2009
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    Haha thats what i was thinkin, monroe.

    Gonna be workin around puyallup this season:D
  8. You guys should check the areas around Fort Lewis ;)
  9. Imma be working around the MV area, damn pine needles making me dig big ass holes or making me lug big ass pots..:mad:
  10. Dude, I live in Bremerton bro. I've grown outdoors for the past 2 years here. It's actually not that hard seeing as how it's never that dry here. And like last summer, there's a lot of bright sun from June - August.

  11. How many plants do you grow each season?
  12. We had about 8 the first year and then we stuck to 4 last year. Different spots each time so that's why we had to cut back.

  13. What kind of set up did you use, and how much did each of your plant yield you think.
  14. Both times I dug out some large patches about a foot and a half deep. Filled it with a mix of potting soil, a little compost, a little peat moss, and some worm castings. The soil in most of the puget sound area has a lot of clay consistency so the peat moss makes the dirt a little loamier for plants. The patches did well with staying moist and I only had to water them a few times. For watering, I took some water jugs, drilled some holes and plugged drip hoses to them so they would slowly water during the evening. We got a few hundred grams each time. Don't know if I'm gunna risk it this year. I got a spot but I'm afraid my neighbors would see it.

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