So I want a vape, and I'm one broke SoB

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by falacy, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Does this seem shady? I like its price tag.. But at the same time maybe its thats low for a reason. What do you guys think?>
  2. first you can't link to comp sites. And if it is cheap it probably is cheap. I don't own a vape myself but from what i've read an heard you get what you pay for.
  3. Save an extra $30 and buy a launch box. It's an awesome vape for $100 and it has a lifetime warranty. You can't go wrong.
  4. Delete that link ill post a pic of it[​IMG]
  5. My friend has one that looks like that one just a darker color and it's been working for about a year now. The bowl looks a little different too. His was more expensive though, I bet it was because he bought it from a local shop. You could get it just be wary, it might be a cheap one.
  6. ok thanks

    And yeah I have looked into the MFLB, I like it alot especially since it portable, but is it DD-able?
  7. Get a VaporGenie.
  8. The only SAFE, LEGITIMATE unit youll get for such a low price is the MF LB.
    Its also the best portable!

    So whether your looking for a great portable or just the lowest priced unit THAT IS SAFE, then the MF LB is your best choice.

    Goodluck man.

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