so i wanna quit my job

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, May 15, 2004.

  1. its no biggy, just a weekend thing, im still in sixth form, but i've been workin for just over a year and after goin to school everyday of the week the last thing i want is to get up in the morning for work, i find it really boring, stuck on a till all day, and the new manager is super bitch from hell.

    so... i told my mom an shes like, no u cant quit, why the fuck not? i dont need extra money rite now, and i cant go to any parties on weekends cuz ive got work the next morning,

    rite now for example theres a gathering of my friends at my mates house probably severely under mj influence,:smoke: anyway.. i got work tomorrow so i figure i'll tell the manager im not gonna be working there anymore, i just want my weekends back, fuck the money, it wasnt great anyway.

    so whadda u guys think? i'll let u know how it goes.

  2. are you gonna pay expenses, bills, bud money, etc.? How much money were you making and what kind of work was it?
  3. sounds like hes under his moms roof and dosent need to support himself at all........... w/e man get past 18 years of age and then consider quiting your job

  4. yeah i am still under my moms roof, btw im over 18 years, sixth form is still a part of high school here, yet we're still 18/19 at school

    edit: hadnt read all the replies lol, yeah luke i think i might, thanks for the suggestion

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