So I wanna move to Colorado, input needed

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  1. So, for what ever reason, my whole life I have always wanted to move to Colorado. Maybe its becouse I was named after a John Denver song, or maybe its just becouse im half eskimo so mountains are in my blood but my cajun half needs to have a summer lasting longer than a month. Anyways, over the last few months its been in the back of my mind that its time for me to move there. I don't know where exactly I wanna move, or what all I wanna do there, but I want to maybe get some insight on where a Cool small mountain town is at that has potential great fishing / Hiking spots close by that I can go too. The biggest thing though is I just wanna meet some real down to earth people and Start my life. That being said I am planning on going to college so a University or Community College town would be sorta ideal for me to start getting my foot in the door.

    I know this post is sorta pointless, but I just want to hear some blades insight on the state

    Has to be better then podunkvill north louisiana
  2. Your names Richard Nixon?
  3. his name is robert paulson
  4. Can i come to the small mountain town to :) I wannaaaa live in the a ktm and just ripp it up and not have to worry about people wearing there sisters pants and not have to look up half the words they say on urban dictonary just to understand what they just asked me.

  5. <------colorado springs.

    couple colleges here, nice and close to the mountains, and just so freaking beautiful and awesome.

    or manitou springs. town right next to me. its right in the mountains and very beautiful and even more peaceful.
  6. Mormons at your door 24/7

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