.... So I walk out to my car...

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. ... and I go out to my car to get my little pipe....

    .... I open my car door....

    .....look at the floor....

    .....and I see....

    .... a box with a bow tie...

    ok im done with the weird introduction. The box had a bow tie and said "from your friendly neighborhood stoner, enjoy man" I open the box, and find, a new little pipe, a quarter ounce of some dank, and a bottle of smirnoff vodka :D Someone is watching my back :D lol
  2. holy shit thats trippy you know who put it there?

    dude brb im going to go unlock my car doors and pray :D lol
  3. Holy shit man, if that happened to me i'd me a happy mother fucker. Enjoy bro..

  4. There's this hottie that lives down the street that I always smoke out and drink with. Fucked her a few times and errythang. Looks like a girls hand writing. So it's prolly her. lol ;) :D

    I'm pretty fucking happy, man :D lol.
  5. sheeeeeeet KaRma looks like it blew by you
  6. Haha, damn I think I might go mobb over to her crib, say "thanky ou karma" then jus kiss 'er lol.
  7. ^^karma looks like it blew HIM and GOOD too
  8. Y'aint even know :p but thas a whole other story ;)
  9. Wow I wish I had friendly neighborhood stoners. All we have are the friendly neighborhood spidermen.
  10. yo dude i want to do that to some1 just to b nice.. like one of my friends 4 there b day or sumthin ha.. itd b hilarious.. or liek secret santa ha

    but yah man u luky as fuk ha nice
  11. Yeah, I feed them my spare flies, once my "frog-eyed" friend is full, that is.
  12. Man, all I can say is it REALLY brought up my mood, from kinda shitty, to very happy :D lol
  13. yo this one tim me n my frineds were bout to leave and we found some nice ass sticky ass buyd on the ground haha and then hotboxed and dipped out lol it was fun.. im just sayin it 4 no reason lol it was tight
  14. ^^ Haha, tha's legit UhDuh10, random, but legit :D
  15. That's cool. enjoy.

    I had a chick that liked me many years ago do something almost as cool. She had this dude break in to my car and replace my stereo. My deck was shot (it was 1985, we didn't have cd's), cassette player had took a shit. She bought like a $300 deck. (prolly $20 at the most now) Ol boy almost got shot by my dad. He later admitted that he did dribble a little in his drawers when he heard, "don't move motherfucker" and was looking down the barrel of a .357 Good thing my pops decided to ask 1st and not shoot 1st. Prolly would have bummed out my b-day

    You may want to think a little more seriously about this girl. Sounds like a keeper.
  16. So... the real question is.... why the HELL arent you over there thanking her! (no words needed)
  17. U nice smoken. I have found some sacks in the past but dam you found a box of goodies. Smoke that DANK pha sho dog, if that hyna gave it you, u gots to thank her haha. CHEEEE im happy for ya, chu already know =P
  18. I aint much of a relationship kinda person. But she definately commin over again., lol.
  19. haha fa sho homies. I'm leavin now :D

  20. She may not be the one, then again maybe she is. Not many guys are the relationship type. I wasn't either, but THE ONE came along, and the rest is history. 20+ years and counting.

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