So I wake up this morning... (jury duty)

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. So, today I wake up (dry and wishing I wasn't) and then I get the mail and in it is a JURY NOTICE. Yeah, I don't want to go, not to mention I don't have the transportation right now to drive 15 miles every day just to sit in a damn room and listen to what people say, and then simply *agree*. Plus I have other things I need to be doing (not necessarily a job), and I'm not going to spend what little money I do have to pay for someone else's gas, to drive me there and back every day. I mean, I'll only be getting $5 a DAY, and that will not cover the price for gas, not even closely. And I'm not gonna/can't pay for the lunches/dinner while I'm there. My clothes aren't exactly "presentable", kinda dirty and ripped up, and I'm not going to buy more clothes right now (especially for a damn jury)... What money I do have, I have to use to buy a camel-bak, for when I run everyday (it won't even arrive here for like a month - so the sooner I order the better, because we have short summers and they suck too.).

    I have much better things to be doing than jury duty. "Although it may cause some personal inconvenience, most citizens find that jury service is an interesting, rewarding and important job. Jury service also allows you to observe the performance of the judges who appear on your election ballot. later you may have a chance to evaluate their performance." 1; Uh huh, a little inconvenience, sure.... 2; I'm definitely not most citizens. 3; I don't vote. 4; I could care less how the judges perform.

    Also, as some in the 48 may know, we receive a annual payment from the state (permanent fund dividend - usually $1,000 on average)... The Permanent Fund Dividend program may be notified if the questionnaire is not returned. Additionally, you could be required to appear before a judge to explain your absence and possibly be ordered to pay a fine if you do not come to court when called. 1; So they're saying they'll take my dividend away?! BS!! 2; So for not wanting/being able to go, I have to appear before a judge and get fined too...!?

    And, my religion says not to judge... I know we all do it anyways, and most of the time it's just something like "what an a-hole" or "I bet that guy's a thief", etc... But, still I don't want to be forced to judge someone. It should be my will/choice to do it. Plus I don't know what the case/cases is about.... I guess I need to pay attention to the news station a little more. I doubt I would find out what it's about, until I am there on my first appointed day. I certainly don't want to decide someones mortal fate (ya know, "ol' sparky", lol), or just how many years they get behind bars. I would feel very bad about that, regardless of whether or not they actually did the crime and deserved what they got. Then again... this might just be for something simple, that would only amount to a small fine for the defendant. Who knows.

    I guess I would go, if it's for something that would only entail the person getting fined, and if they paid for my transportation and meals, etc....

    (*Yea yea, I mean that I would agree because that's what I really think of the person being guilty/not guilty, and most everyone else would too. ya know?*)

    So, anyone know of any ways of getting out of this... ways that work, and hopefully don't require much of anything???
  2. Oh yeah... I do have the option of postponing my "duty" for up to 10 months.... (so like february at latest), but that's not gonna be any better.
  3. normally they get a hell of a lot of ppl to come in...WAY too many..and then ask questions and the ones with good excuses get to leave, and then the prosecution and then the defense ask questions to determine which ones they want(so if its a smoking case, one side wants smokers and the other wants people whose parents died from smoking)
  4. Can you believe that some people acutally WANT to be on juries. Now this is ridiculaous to me. No thanks leave me alone you can keep your 5 bucks.
  5. claim you think you know someone in the case.
  6. man its not that hard. They accepted my excuse that I sleep during the day and that jury duty would disturb my normal living pattern.

    For your case, just say no adequate transportation.
  7. Just say your'e racist. Simple as that.
  8. yea, its not very hard to get out of jury duty, just act like you'd be a big pain in the ass to them and I'm sure that will be enough
  9. I'm sure I could come up with a good reason for them not wanting me... "I'll be a major pain in the ass and disagree with any conclusion the jury comes to, and I'll have VERY bad gas (I'll eat alot of hard boiled eggs, and chilli every day before I go there)!!" lol, I'm sure that would be unpleasant to everyone in the room.

    Joking aside, I usually sleep durring the day too, but now I'm trying to stay awake in the day. Saying I'm racist may work if the person isn't white. I'm pretty sure being biased because of knowing someone in the case or what the subject is would work, but I'd have to claim that after I get there... In any case, I'm sure I can get out of following through with this darn thing, but I'm going to try to get out without having to even go there if i can.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I'll let you's know how it turns out/why...

    Heh, it's actually kind of funny that I'm being served this notice, because my friend was called up for jury duty a few weeks ago... Because some guy put a cable across a trail at about 4 1/2 feet high, and two teenagers that were drunk were driving a fourwheeler and headed down that trail... the guy was charged with two counts of manslaughter.
  10. Okay, I know I won't have to serve for sure. I may have to appear in court for the selection process, but I highly doubt it will go any further than that. All I have to do is tell the court that I REALLY don't want to be there (doesn't matter why). But, I'm going to also tell them one of the other main reasons why I can't be there (lack of transportation).

    Here's a good site I found on the subject:

    Ya know what... now that I think of it, how in the hell did the court get the idea that I actually wanted to serve? I am not a registered voter (it's all BS and headed even further in that direction fast). I do not have a drivers license (very common here, and have never had any moving violations).
    So as I understand it, I am not obligated to serve because I choose to separate myself from the government. (No license and not a registered voter)

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