So I Used To Be A Cabbie.

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  1. sub sub subway

  2. Hell, yea.
  3. What happened to bear after the crack head blowjob?
  4. ^she robbed him while giving head. mad skillz
  5. [quote name='"purplerhino"']^she robbed him while giving head. mad skillz[/quote]

    Yeah but what did they op and the dispatcher say to bear when bear told them that

  6. idk. i thought you wanted to know why he was pissed
  7. Ahh where's the stories it's been like, however many days now man
  8. maybe he's run out. :(
  9. its worth it if the punk tried to pull out a knife on you lol
  10. better than hbo
  11. hey y'all. Just dropping in on this thread to say hi. I don't remember any more stories, but I'm sure eventually I'll remember another one.
  12. My cousin was a cabbie for a while. This one time he picked up Bill Murray and he asked him to help him find a gift for his wife. Stories like that make me wanna be a cabbie sometimes. And then stories like that black kid in a straw hat make me change my mind.
  13. these are so fantastic. they're too great to be made up
  14. I wish I lived where you did, very cool story bro.
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    Guys, if you want more cab stories...

    Let me google that for you

    Haha, from the first result:
  16. amazing thread and stories
  17. I would think that these stories are made up or at the least exaggerated to make you seem bad ass except for the fact that you were a cabbie and I have never met a cabbie that isn't extremely witty and funny and also have crazy stories. By the way fuck Sam.

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