So i turned 20...

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    Fuck me...I'm getting old :D

    Let's all celebrate! Unfortunately i have nothing to smoke, but a nice cold Danish Tuborg will do anytime!

  2. You're still a young whipper snapper.
  3. Indeed :D
  4. Haha sucker, now you have 12 months till you can legally drink. :p
  5. Hahahahahahah :D The legal drinking age in Denmark is 18 - SUCKER! :D
  6. You danish slut

  7. Hahaha

    Damn..Denmark sounds badass.
  8. Yeah well it's all good, i pity you guys for having such ridiculous laws - all round. Yet, somehow, i get the sensation that they don't really matter that much :D
  9. Big ups to Denmark.

    My family is far removed that I have no idea about my cultural heritage, but I got that Dane blood in me either way.


  10. Denmark ? Badass ? How can you fit those two words together in the same sentence ? :D

  11. Yea..till you get caught. Then they matter a lot. :smoking:

    /\ I must have gained must be this weed I just picked up.
  12. Not at all really.. they're just deterrents.

    I'm 20 and there's handles of skyy, jim beam, and sailor jerry's sitting on my counter.

    Dunno how they got there :confused:
  13. I had no idea :D Cheers mate!

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Deterrents ? Wahahahahahahahahahaha :D

    More like encouragements. "Hey, you're under 21, you can't drink"

    Any American - "OH YEAH ?! WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT, FUCKER!"
  16. lol how did you get to know americans so well?

    congrat though, shit starts gettin pretty interesting in the 20's ;)

  17. True true, my American will gives me the right to fuck trailer trash hookers and drink whatever i want, whenever i want

    don't give a fuck
  18. Thanks man! Yeah i bet it will be...interesting :)

    "Land of the free, home of the brave"

    ...right ? :D

  19. Maybe 200 years ago... :rolleyes:

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