so i took acid today at 11am. its 8 now

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xACExkittieking, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. holy shit. all i have to say.
  2. lucky, ive been too sick to even enjoy herb.
  3. Well this thread fails without details.

  4. Its a hell of a drug, don't you say? :D
  5. Elaborate on your adventure.
  6. i got offered some cid in exchange for bud at summerjam this year and decided against always afriad of having a bad trip on something that powerful and bugging out for that long
  7. if i tried to elaborate on everything that happened today it would be a novel. this is infact a crazy ass drug lol. its like being insane for 12 hours

  8. haha well that sounds fun
  9. haha so did u like it or not? personally its my favorite drug next to mary jane, alwyas love a good trip
  10. sounds like fun

    i want to try it, but can't find it

  11. same here, sucks
  12. Lucy is a wonderful thing

  13. what?





    Bro, i'm so sorry. I'll send flowers. Hope they get there before you die, if I next-day air them. ;.;

  14. quoted for truth:hello:

    acid is fuckin great,every single time!

    you were with people or alone?

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