So I took a whole bottle of Robotussin gels

Discussion in 'General' started by skaman, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. After about 40 mins I now find a burning sensation to just itch the hell out of my head, i can't stop. :(
  2. Omg Youre Gonna Die!
  3. That was a bad idea get ready for the scariest ride of your life. You might not die but i've heard of people having the worst trips when they try to od on OTC pills
  4. Your a fcuking idiot...

    a bottol of robo gels is only 300 mgs ... thats barly shit xD

    oh to the poster.... uhh go pop 2 benadryls and itch will be gone :)

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  5. exactly

    you will be finei did that shit once too......granted looking back on it it was not worth it and stupid

    anyways the itches are normal...........hopefully you dont puke, i heard osme of the gels have shit in them to make you puke if you take to many in to short a time span
  6. Yeh damn my whole body is itchy now, not really liking it. Will smoking weed hurt me right now? or help me.
  7. Smoke some dank you skank!
  8. "

    Im going to listen to you, Im probaBLY gonna pass out though lol.

  9. you get the robo itch just like me, dxm is not your friend, maybe we are allergic to it idk but every time i take it i itch like a motherfucker and my skin turns really red
  10. same here but only happened to me once and i've done it too many times too count. It was weird

  11. im pretty sure the ingredient is Guaifenesin, which is listed as an "expectorant".. aka gonna make you puke. So if your going to robotrip, make sure the only active ingredient is DXM, and Gua~ isn't listed.

  12. oh dont listen to this guy for a second. i do dxm all the time. same robo gells infact. only i take 2 bottles. its a blast. hang on to your hat and have fun. when your trippin try cleaning your ears with q tips it feels amazing. citation goes to the hempress for the q tip thing.
  13. ehh your an idiot
  14. 1) He took them recreationally

    2) You've heard. You've heard. you've heard. Hearsay is not fact, so don't tout it as such.
  15. you're gonna be fucked up for a while. it's scary man, scary. i took 18 pills once.
  16. Hmmm... maybe DXM hit people differantly. I took 16 for a first time at 3 in the morning, no robo-itch, no fear. Felt fine. I was 150 LBS. I fucking enjoy that shit...

    10 pills before school and its fun, robo walking is just in your head. I got to run laps on DXM in gym OMG so fuck. And before you are like wow so gay 10, try it. It's actually quite fun in lower doses as well.
  17. Yea, I used to pop 15 during work. Only problem is sometimes it'll make my stomach feel fucked for a little while.
  18. I can't believe stupid kids are still doing this kind of junk. First of all,
    there are other chemicals in the robotussin other than the dxm that can make you very sick if you take too much. Second, not all robotussins are the same. I am pretty sure the gel caps are different. The only one you're supposed to do is The Robotussin DM cough syrup, and even that one has other chemicals. This is easy stuff to o.d. on btw, and a stupid kid could easily drink two bottles and pass out and never wake up.

    When I was in my teens me and my friends and many other people I knew had done robotussin, and it never made our heads itch. It only made us feel very very sedated, and it felt like we were zombies in the world of the undead. It's not a good experience.

    Lastly, this is the kind of junk that man and pharmacutical industries pump out and it's not kind like herb. You kids don't know what you're getting youreslfs into and you may very well find yourself in a drug induced coma or passed out like my friend once after only a couple beers after taking some junk like that, and having a fleet of fire trucks show up at your doorstep and haul you away to the hospital and shove coal down your throat and pump your stomach. Or you may o.d. on some stupid junk like dramamine or coracidn and be burnt and stuck off it for years, after it messes with your brain and your never the same again (trust me I know). Stop this junk, this is what gives the rest of us a bad name. If you're going to experiement do it naturally.

    Also, remember that these drug companies are well aware of people abusing thier product and may very likely have put certain chemicals in thier product to discourage people to not abuse them. consumption of these chemicals wcan make you very sick or hurt you. This is a common practice in pharmacopia a well known example being drug store alcohol and there are others.
  19. You know have no idea what you're talking about, and how dare you call people kids or insult what they do and how they do it. "Kids"? honestly, grow up preacherman, there are safe ways of consuming DXM in OTC form. And just because you had a bad experiences or you've heard about people doing too much or being stupid, doesn't mean it's bad for everyone. Quit hating.
  20. listen here robo cop..just chill out and smoke some herb. the itch should only be temporary

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