so i took a little roadtrip....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by highawatha, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. took a million pictures, well ok ONLY 372. flew to washington, made it thru that alive, and actually sat with a couple of stoners and watched a movie on thier laptop withem. nice boys. and drove tourist style to michigan. (btw thems some sucky drivers,lol) with my sister and one of my children
    im soo in love with the north west! and well heck i havent posted ina while so i thought i might share....
    blah blah :D
    one of my million mountian pictures 9,666 feet i believe is where we played in the snow

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  2. this nice man thought we might need a warning about using turn signals when changing lanes...(roll your eyes) there were 3 people on the whole freakin highway counting the cop...
    but he was fun

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  3. after the nice policeman left more mountians....

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  4. whilst touring yellowstone we followed a herd of bison for juuuust about four hours, aint they cute?

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  5. seattle....very pretty
    now heres the coolest thing mr moose in south dakota right on the side of the road.

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  6. and since im at it....

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  7. awsome! the northeast is beautiful. I wish I had gotten a chance to travel more, but from what I saw, I loved it! so NOT flat! lol..nothing like im used to, but could easliy be. :) nice pics higha!

  8. so you just might know what these giant anthills are all about? :D

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  9. nope sensi definately, definately not flat..........and they got wild animals roaming all over the freakin place,...
    it was awesome

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  10. sigh,....
    cant wait to go back.

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  11. it wont be fora couple of years,......ok one more of my moose cause i love him too :D

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  12. Great pics Highya... I'd love to have been there with you!!!!

    Glad to see you had a great time!!!!!
  13. great pictures. thanx for sharing.

    so you're a nature buff, eh? you should take a trip to the west-coast of norway during summer. midnight sun and loadsa' fjords, mountains and moose. or elks as we call them.

    me and my mates would be glad to hook you up with some great hash or weed :D
  14. Hey girl you were in my neck of the woods!! It IS beautiful out here, isn't it!

    In less than three weeks I am going to Alaska...will post pics when I get back.
  15. oh stony i had no idea. my sister is from alaska, so she's been there done that......she told me if she heard, its a beautiful day fora drive one more time she'd kill me.
    even tho she's a little younger she's bigger and i believe can take i know she can take me.
    the air smells soooo clear (with all them animals, go figure?) i missed a trip up to the yukon area by a month. someday.....
  16. HIGH All, right on HIGHa!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had yourself a blast...a million pictures...that about what I take when going on a venture, it's hard not too!
    Moose haven't seen one in the wilds now oohhhh 25 years...nice picture kid!! Hey HIGHa did you get to do any of our great Nation? Keep them great pics coming HIGHa only 362 to go...ok I know we won't get to see them All...BUT I love looking a other people pics.

    stonygurl ever on the Island on your way though look me up...I'm Always into getting new friends buzzed.

    Jeeezzzz I sound sooo far away *LOL*.
  17. Great pics Highya! I love the big sky too!
  18. Where's the pics of the little indian dude hunting the elk, bison, and moose??

  19. maybe if your real nice ill show ya :D


  20. lol...if its a pic of you in buckskin (he said hopefully), then PRETTY PLEASE????

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