So I took a drug test today...(semi-long read)

Discussion in 'General' started by gangstadam, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Tryna get a new job with a restaurant. I cant believe they even drug test in the first place, so many restaurant workers burn/party even on the clock...anyway

    I go for the interview and it goes well. At the end of the interview they give me a drug test form. So today I went to Labcorp to take that shit...

    I down 4 bottles of water all morning just in case. I wait around in the chair till the piss kicks in...

    The lab tech lady (nice young jamaican woman, nice accent) tells me she needs this much piss , draws a line, and I go leak.

    When Im done, she gets the paperwork and I casually go "Yeah im kinda nervous since I burned not too long ago."

    We were talking about schooling for her job and stuff and she seemed pretty bummed when I told her I burned, she said I was cute and I need to focus on important stuff like work and school and not party so much, then she reaches for something..

    "im not supposed to do this" she goes, she pulled out this plastic thingy the size of an Ipod Nano... it said Rapid Test on it.

    She dips it in my piss and we wait around... of course, all the lines for every drug come up negative...


    In my head Im like "Fuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk"

    She goes "Its gonna come up positive for THC, should I still send it in?"

    "What else can I possibly do?" I said...then I gave her the okay to send it in.

    She writes a msg on a strip of paper...

    "Keep that quick test thing between you and me" read the note.

    So I nodded, thanked her, and walked back out to the waiting room where my friend and g/f were waiting (i stopped to take the test on the way to the beach with them)...

    So basically, the test is gonna say positive for THC, probably go on my permanent record, and further delay me from getting a job, leaving my ass broke and smokeless.

    Here is what really sucks: I took ONE HIT a little over a week ago and before that I hadnt burned for 2 straight weeks.

    I lift weights at Golds gym AND run AND hit the sauna after every workout, not to mention i drink a shit-ton of h2o...

    I figured all that sweat and water would do the trick, I guess I was sorely mistaken.

    It could also be because I drank vodka and beer like a FISH last nite, ended up puking for a little while tho.

    Sooooo.... thats what happened today. Im pretty pissed off that Im probably not gonna get the job, because of my dumb ass taking one tiny ass HIT from the bowl last week, and that I coulda been hitting the bowl instead of skipping it this past month..

    Alternatively, they COULD call me up and schedule me for work, maybe by a string of luck and hope they dont really care too much about THC positive workers, although I highly, highly doubt it...

    it coulda been worse I guess. Cocaine and phetamines would suck testing positive for.

    better get used to eating Ramen.
  2. Well.

    You failed, but it isn't going on some permanent record. It's a record that's kept in a locked file, existing only between the company and the testing center.

    No one knows but them and you.

    It will not affect your employment anywhere else.

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