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So I think my friend is informing...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlindfAth, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I have a friend of mine...

    He started dealing... which is stupid on so many levels, especially since he A. Has a big mouth and B. His dad is a cop... but regardless he would turn around QP of dank shit like that... In hours

    Recently he went to pick up a half-pound of some bud...

    From what he told me he got pulled and searched, as to whether or not they found the half pound or what I don't know...

    So he rolls through town and he tells me he's going off somewhere to lay low for a while. He told me his parents were pissed that he had gone out of state without telling them or something in their vehicle.

    I suspect since he isn't in Jail or whatever, that he might have made a deal... He was gone for about three weeks. I find it weird that he gets pulled over disappears and then comes back and now he's perfectly fine and doesn't seem to be in trouble with the law...

    So what do I do... Can I still trust him? (I mean I only use, and occasionally sell to friends)

    Is it strange that he isn't in Jail or something?

    Is there any way that a cop would just let him go?

    What do you think the odds are that he's an informant?

    Should I warn some of our mutual friends?

    Any advice would be helpful
  2. Could have been let off cuz his dad was a cop....but also could have made a deal dude.....

    Don't trust alot of people in the drug industry....look out for youself and close one else...don't deal with this guy anymore....they may have a watch on him for alittle bit
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    well if he did flip, the cops would be more concerned about where he got it rather than who's buying what he's dealing. a half a pound ain't no joke, so they would press him pretty hard. just keep your eyes on him.
  4. don't buy from him.
    he's most likely being watched. say i'm paranoid but there is a fine line between being paranoid and careful. a friend of mine was locked up because he was set up by one of his close dealers that were being watched by the law.

    better safe than sorry
  5. Like he said, they're gonna go up the chain, not down. The guy he gets the half p from probably has many many pounds. That's the guy they want. Not the guy on the other end of it buying 2 grams outta the half p.

    Still might be a good idea to avoid him for a little.
  6. don't buy from him for a while..
  7. I'm a little worried because there are some pretty big fish that we know around here... They are mutual hook-ups... One of the guys is the guy I get cid from regularly... There is more than just one food chain if you know what I mean... I frequent about 4 different circles with totally different connections in each circle.... In this state we get a lot of different traffic...

    There are growhouses in the mountains and down in the VA Beach area As well as a little north in the northeastern parts of the state...

    There is some traffic in off the bay... There is the mexican dirt that is peddled in from the Southwest...

    So I don't know how they are going to work this... I don't plan on buying from him or anything in the near future... I'm jsut not going to talk to him about drugs or anything related to that, and I'm going to give some people heads up...

    I'm sure my friend is more paranoid than anybody right now
  8. That's sketch as hell. They will want the bigger guys but trust me they have no problem catching some small fish like yourself. I would steer clear of him for a while to stay safe. Friends flip on friends. I'm not saying he necessarily has but just know it does happen.

    And not trying to be an asshole but you might want to edit your post saying "I only use, and occasionally...." Mods might not like, you know what I'm sayin.
  9. Thats super sketchy. I wouldn't get anymore shit from him personally. Once one of my dealers gets caught, I stop buying from them automatically. Just too much risk involved, and it's not worth the constant nervousness you have when you deal with them.
  10. He's been flipped dude. Bury that canary.

  11. You fool.
  12. Public Record Criminal Search Online FTW? I mean, as long as your friend is over 18 you should find something about it...

    That's how I figure out shit about people I'm dealing with that are dodgy and shady
  13. half a P in the DEA eyes... hes just a tadpole in the fuckin ocean. that is a weird story sounds like he flipped his dealer! does he still deal?( if hes not pushin more than likely hes a snitch) see if he can still get the same connect. theres not much of a risk cops arent gonna use him as a pawn to arrest small time drug buyers like yourself they want his dealer and the dealers dealer they could care lees about you unless your in public , if you were to get caught up dealing with him the eveidence would be used against your buddy. just keep your eyes open and like the last guy said check public records for a small fee
  14. I always think about that shit when Im going to pick up. I just keep picturing a episode of cops. I'm probly a little paranoid, but I'd rather be paranoid and on the street, than careless and behind bars. I definately wouldn't deal with him anymore at all, not just drug related things, but just cut contact. You dont want to be around people that have been/are involved with the law. It runs the risk of bringing unwanted attention to yourself.
  15. Ok, first of all your completely safe. Unless your growing or selling you have nothing to worry about. The police aren't going to organize a setup just to catch someone for possession... Which is pretty much just a fine.

    Sounds like to me he got caught. Maybe he got away, and is on the run... Maybe his parents caught him and he doesn't want to look like a bitch... Maybe he killed the cop who pulled him over...

    Whatever the scenario is, I wouldn't let it go to your head. Your not in any danger buying from him or chilling with him.
  16. Lol.... so true though.
  17. cool you live in VA to, I hope none of my connections are linked with this guy.
  18. if i were you i'd break tha dudes legs and put his head in a vice lol jkk i dont condone violance but i would def do that backround check just to make sure
  19. imho just avoid him like the plague when it comes to MJ, dont mention it, dont buy it, dont smoke it or ANYTHING with him. as far as warning other people goes, you gotta decide on that yourself, just watch who you mention things to because you never know if they'll tell your friend

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