so i think im going to be working at mcdonalds, anybody with exp?

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  1. this will be my first job so im a little nervous anybody have any insides or tips on working there?
  2. Don't fuck up! Just kidding, it's gonna be easy. Just pay attention to the main steps of your specific job, and the rest should be just you being you.
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    They work you like a Mexican for minimum wage
  4. Good luck with the new job man.
  5. there going to most likely throw u on grill mate its fucken easy but hot
    i am shift manager good school money and its so easy compared to most jobs
  6. i worked at mc d's when i was like 16, the work wasnt that hard and i got paid well over minimum wage
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    Wow lol
  8. I really doubt its that hard. If your the cashier, its not hard to count money. And if you are the cook, its not hard to put something in the microwave and wrap it up.
  9. Fast food is actually pretty easy work. Sometimes you run into middle aged, middle management people that want to take their failure out on employees but you don't really have to take shit off of them. The best thing about fast food jobs is there are a ton of them out there.
  10. Expect to get coned.

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    You should send me food in the mail cuz then i could eat it when im high. when im high im hungary. that means i eat food. ur food gos swimming in my foods

    I cant stop laughing at that video
  12. Prepare to lose your appetite for McDonald's meat if Ur put on the grill
  13. I worked at a fast food joint with a manager like that. It was soo annoying.
  14. Well you might wanna learn Spanish or Speak "ghetto".
  15. haha thanks for the responses, im nervous about sweating like crazy, the space where they work looks tiny and im 6'3" also im super shy so i reaaaaly hope i dont have to work the register
  16. Fast food isn't going to be the best place for your first job bro. My first job was at Taco Bell and I still had soft skin since I was like a sophomore in high school. I was SO scared to find another job after I worked there. People are mean in ways you can't even imagine. Hahah. Not all of them though. You get hit on a lot nad shit.

    I'd work retail or in a big place like Publix.... you might be bored off your ass and have a lot to do but at least you aren't getting the shit end of the stick when every car isn't in and out of the drive through in a minute. ( they have a timer above the window )
  17. I work at McDicks, my best advice is pay attention to the videos they show you and become friends with your managers it helps a lot lol and don't go stoned for the first month, I made that mistake lol
  18. Here's the thing to remember, if you can't make it at McDonald's you literally can't make it anywhere. The whole system of McD's is designed to take thinking and extraneous possibility out of every functional aspect of the restaurant. A lobotomized monkey could perform ANY of the duties assigned to employees there, including managerial duties. Just do as you are instructed and pay attention and you can't fail. And if you get discouraged, think of all the complete and total fuck-up's that have successfully help that job before you.

    Best of luck with it. It may not be the greatest job in the world, but it's a good start and the money spends the same.
  19. don't get addicted to the food

    really though
  20. Why does everyone assume that fast food places have microwaves? maybe mine is a few years old but I think they're highly inefficient.

    Way worse than simply throwing bags of meat into vats of simmering water, which is what we do at taco bell for instance.

    I actually worked at mcdonalds and ours was in the state in speed or business or something. I worked there for two months and was then fired cause THEY just didn't give a fuck, screwed my schedule, and I took a sick day (I was very sick).

    It was bullshit and I hated that job. They treat you like shit. I mean literally like shit.... Hope your micky dee's is better than mine...

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