So I think I lost my friends...?

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  1. Ok so last night we are all hanging outside my house. Me and a friend are in my car smoking a bowl while the other 4 people are outside the car because they dont smoke. My closest friend of 5yrs Adam comes over to the car and asks if Jimmy can come over (me and Jimmy have problems, Jimmy tried to blame me for some shit that he did and he was supposed to apologize a week ago because he new I was gonna fight him over it and he cant fight. Also Adam warned me that he would not speak to me anymore if I swung at him) So I say yes on the condition Jimmy apologizes to me and doesnt start shit.(they heckle people driving by all the time even when I tell them to stop.) So Adam calls Jimmy and Jimmy and his friends come over. At this point Im still in the car smoking and Jimmy is parked behind us sitting on his car talking to people and avoiding me because someone told him I was gonna fight him. So Jimmy goes into my backyard with Adam cause we were having a campfire and they were setting it up and everyone knows Im about to lose my cool because I didnt even want him there and he brought some girl who was really loud and some kid who was heckling people driving by and then Jimmy jumps in on that when he comes back to the front. I tell Adam to get them out of here before I get out of the car and swing. So he tells them hell meet up with them later and they leave (Jimmy hasnt looked at me or said 1 word to me this whole time). So I take a bat and hit this broken grill in my backyard and let off some steam and we sit by the fire and enjoy some munchies. 30 minuites later...Adams phone rings and its Jimmy and he tells them that hes still at my house and leaving in 15 cause he has to drop his girlfriend off at home. So out of fucking nowhere they show up again and get out of there cars and are like waiting for Adam so I get up and am pissed because there at my house again so I get warned if I do anything Adam will not talk to me again. So I hit the bat against something and my friend Bryan comes in the back to make sure Im cool and Im not I tell him to fuck off cause he is always a dick when he comes over. Bryan walks off pissed and my friend Steve tells me do what you gotta do so I walk out front and sit there and Jimmy jumps in the car and they all leave in a hurry because there all worried Im gonna murder this kid for being here. Well Bryan is talking shit out the back of the car and I scream shit back and they left. So now Adam wont speak to me apparently because I started shit but I dont see where I am really at fault....This isnt meant to be a "Imma badass story" But its the way everything happened.....

    Am I at fault?
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  3. sounds like you got anger problems
  4. I do but I have good control...if I didnt there would have been a fight....
  5. good control = getting a bat and hitting shit with it? :confused_2:
  6. I don't think any of this matters at all. If someone doesn't want to talk to you..then let them not talk to you lol.

    Jimmy sounds like a bitch. Just tell one of the people you are cool with who is also cool with ole Jimmy that if you see him its lights out. No coming over anymore,no more games. If anyone else wants it give some to them too. Its your house.

    This sounds like some middle school shit to be honest though..
  7. Seriously dude, your friends are being shitheads if they do that. Sounds like Steve is pretty chill tho fuckin you shoulda kicked Jimmys ass but it's their fault not yours I wouldnt wanna be hangin with people liek that
  8. Smoke a bowl and let it go it wont matter in 10 years so screw it

  9. omg lol im laughing so hard how did you come up with something so funny?


  10. haha, what?

    i agree

    hopefully you didn't loose your friends. i understand where your coming from, i don't see why he stuck around if you didn't want him there.

    (btw, you should break up that wall of text into paragraphs)
  11. I never cease to be amazed at the sheer maturity of some of the people on GC.
  12. you sounds like my friend...just chill out and not let things get to you that much. I don't think I would wanna be your friend if little things like that, make you grab a bat and start hitting shit...damn.

  13. Ya Ive known adam for so long and hes only known jimmy for like 5 months....its fucking stupid...All Jimmy would have had to do was apologize and I wouldve been fine....but now its too late

    @Buud Its not rlly little he blamed trying to break my friend and his girl up on me which ended with Adam in the hospital because he sliced his arms open and shit

  14. Much better then taking the bat to the asshole kid?

    Having people who suck around can ruin a good time in a hurry. Sounds like you already got the right idea....keep them away from you.

  15. fuck :eek: do your friends know thats why your so pissed at him?
  16. ya Adam was there and Adams friends with him again. Im just fucking confused how this could be my fault

  17. Who ever is actually at fault, usually wants nothing to do with taking the blame.
    So, they try and blame anyone elts they can. Just the way it works......
    Stupid people rarely like to admit just how dumb they are.
  18. I know. If I am at fault Im always the first one to admit it I just wanted GC's opinion to see if I was wrong or not.

  19. I don't think you were wrong, but I don't think you handled the situation the best. You might of freaked your friends out with the whole baseball bat thing. I think you should have confronted the kid and told him to get the hell out of your house. As calmly as possible.
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