so i think i have a prob....

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    so the problem (if its even a problem) is that some of the leaves are flat on my babies...not totaly but pretty close...

    some info

    its a hydro grow
    ff nutes (just burned them a bit about 3 days ago) running water till today
    temp is 80'F and humidity is 51%
    im in 4th week of veg...not counting 1 week as seedlings

    (so i think i had burned them but i might as well make sure: some of the leaves have spotting...brown spots...dont think its mold or mites...what do you think?)

    of the spotting

    the "flat" leaves
    [​IMG] FIRST grow.....thanks for all the help
  2. you want some good advice?
    stop the hydro set up and go with soil for your first year until you get the hang of things.
    when one thing goes wrong with the hydro set up everything goes wrong.
    if one plant gets a disease then it can spread to rest and before you know it its too late...:mad:
    another thing,dont use fox farm nutes,only use their soil...
    fox farm nutes are very harsh and will burn your plants,if you are gonna use fox farm stuff then use big bloom cuz its all organic and also use their soil...
    try the coco line if you are gonna use hydro..
    Canna Coco A & B:smoking:
  3. dude im not asking for your oponion on how i should be growing...

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