so i think i figured out what weed is for

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  1. exploration!!!!! explore the world and mind....while high... smoke up and go to some woods and just be a natural human and do what feels right and maybe stop and find a nice log and sit and calm the mind and get up and explore again. maybe even climb a tree? but yea... weed is for exploration??? WAIT A MINUTE I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING>>>>> what if early humans smoked weed once and had the urge to explore which came to be in our great adapting abilities? lol but once again... is weed for exploration??
  2. I think weed is whatever you want it to be for. If it makes you wanna explore, go explore dude, get off GC :D
  3. Weed is like any drug, it can be used for absolutely anything. From walking the dog to pouring milk, it will make everything that much more interesting, cause you get to enjoy a psychoactive buzz while you do shit.

    I know some people that will get too lazy to explore, and others ready to traverse mountains.
  4. Haha, you so high, OP.
  5. I use unmentionables to explore. I use Marijuana to relax and just be like, wtf lol Ahahah, ooooh.

    You get the idea.
  6. man the great herb makes me feel so at home in forest's when im stoned, also it makes the high so much better. alright for those of you that smoke in forest, dont you just like take a hit and just zone out into nature and just appreciate it more then ever

  7. Man I loveee smoking in parks. Where I live there's a park nearby filled with sculptures, and some weekends my friends and I will drive up there to smoke. There's a little clearing in this construction zone and a cement block behind some trees so it's the perfect secluded place to smoke and see if anyone's coming. Whenever we do this we'll toke up then go climb on giant sculptures or go through the woods to find all the creepy sculpture buildings we can go in, or just lie in a field and look at the clouds and listen to some Pink Floyd quietly. It's absolutely magical.

    Yeah, I believe weed is there to help people get more in touch with nature and themselves. It's like a philosophical, spiritual journey any time you smoke, especially when you go through the woods or just on a walk. Marijuana is like a religion in itself.
  8. Making the world a nicer placeeeeeeeee

  9. This :hello:
  10. I figured out what you're for.

    You were meant to be my dungeonized love-slave. *pulls out some chains*

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