So i think i did harm to my weed plant help?

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  1. So i have this weed that like 2 weeks old and i was stoned out one night and changed my lighting from cool blue cfl to a purple light did i do any harm to my plant? 15662587104611675526266.jpg 1566258741937165904209.jpg

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  2. No but more info is nice

    blue light light in the 6500 kelvin range encourages horizontal growth like big leaves
    light in the red band like 2700 kelvin makes em stretch or vertical growth

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  3. Isn’t that just a purple light and not rly a grow light? Judging by the pointed tips on the side of leaves imma guess ur temp has been high or went up with the new light? I’d still with the 6000k-6500k cfls. I vegged very nicely with them for over a year
  4. No harm but no help either.
  5. Everyone check out my recent post abput male or female ??
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