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    I've always been into knives. I've modified a few blades in the past with mixed results. It occurred to me this winter that with the tools I have, I can make a knife. So I did. Used a 4.5" cut-off wheel to cut out the shapes. The metal I'm using right now is really poor for blades, got it for free though so it's good practice. Finished the shapes with various other shop tools, files and lots of sandpaper. Glued the handles on, drilled them and pressed or screwed in some pins, then even more sanding. I want to someday make world class knives collectors drool over. Here's most of the work I've done.

    First blade ever cut out. Funny story attatched to this blade which I have dubbed "The Menacer".
    I got 10 sheets of galvanized roofing steal 10'x28" dimensions for cleaning up my buddies yard. We were all chillin at his house and cutting some of the metal for his patio/deck, so we're all baked of course. He's got some gnarly bushes and says he wants a machete. So I tell a friend right there to draw me up a gnarly machete to cut out of the scrap metal. The Menacer was born.

    This is the second blade I cut out, didn't know where to get exotic woods so I did a shoe lace wrap. Serrations were a totally baked addition later on. My own design

    #3 First wooden handle ever crafted by me. Bolivian rosewood, fighter style

    #4 and the nicest finish out of all my knives. Bocote wood, skinning style

    #5 Pink ivory wood, "pink tant"

    #6 Black palm wood, hunter style. Some really flaky wood, hard to work with

    #7 Small, legally concealable boot-knife (in idaho atleast). Bocote one sided handle. Coolest handle mount yet. It's reversable!

    #7 Throwing knives. another couple shoelace handles and the blank had a black palm handle that I broke off throwing before I drilled and pinned it.

    # Batman throwing star replica. "Batwing" Most people's favorite despite having the least amount of time into it. :confused:

    # Roman Pugio replica. Bocote handle. Started out as hired work for a friend but WAY off scale/shape. So I'm keeping this one and redoing it. Turns out it's really hard to draw matching sides until you figure out to draw one side and fold it :hello:

    I made all the sheaths out of some roofing material called T.P.O. I believe. Came from the same friend as the metal. Easily heat welds to itself.

    REALLY hope you enjoyed the little presentation of my new hobby and hopefully someday career.
    Stay safe kids! and always remember cut away from the body/skin!
  2. thats fucking badass to the highest degree man, plus rep
  3. Nice work man. I really like number 4, the skinning blade. Some of the others look pretty raw, but still got a nice style to them. I'm sure after a couple years of hard work you'll be able to turn out top quality blades.

    Are you self taught? Taken any classes? Books/websites?

    Recently I've thought about taking up Blacksmithing and maybe some gold/silversmithing as well. But more interested in Blacksmithing. Have a huge collection of swords, knives, weapons of all sorts. Would love to be able to some day make my own high quality Blades.
  4. thats some talent bruh.

    good shit!
  5. All self taught. I picked up a "How to make knives" by Bob Loveless and a couple other legendary knife makers but haven't read more than a couple sections. Going to try brass guards and buttes next. I also plan to try forging. There's an independent local guy that gives classes here, all of them right up my alley. Don't know what I'm doin slackin not going to one. I started with a crapload of designs before I started rippin metal
    thanks for the props blades :metal:
  6. You should deffinetly make some weed leaf throwing stars :)
  7. lol NEVER even crossed my mind
  8. Thats epic shit right there! make me one!
  9. lol I used to make throwing stars as a kid with cheap thin metal and tin snips/saw. Then sharpen them up after cut. But they are always horrible quality, simple designs. Still loved making them though.
  10. dude u should perfect those batman throwing stars and sell them! id buy one for like 15-20 bucks
  11. If you're looking for batman throwing stars to buy look online. You can find them for around that price.
  12. Bumpitybump. That's fucking epic bro, you've got some real talent :smoke:
  13. i cant see the pictures, i wish i could :(
  14. id make a really good blunt splitter
  15. Holy shit man those are awesome! +rep for you my friend.
  16. dude this is sick, always awesome to get good at something you learned on your own. anyway deadly stuff man,
  17. OP. Leaf springs from an old truck make excellent blanks for knife making. I have also made knives out of old files. The files are quite hard but if you can grind a proper edge on them they are hard to beat for a home made knife. :smoke:

  18. Thanks for the tip on the leaf spring. I knew there had to be something a little wider and still durable metal I can get cheap cheap cheap. I have quite a few files I've been thyinking about grinding down, too narrow of a knife for my tastes/designs though.
  19. Not bad at all, man

    you get famous doing this one day and I'll buy a knife from you for sure :smoke:
  20. I'm only critiquing in hopes you can improve, but They look pretty crude, and i'm pretty sure that's how blades were back then but if you really wanted to impress make them look much more sharper and fresher, you could actually get work doing this.

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