So I smoked this stuff last night...

Discussion in 'General' started by Green fist, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. And it tasted like the Snuggles Downy bear smuggled it in his ass:confused:. Tastes just like some dryer sheets.. Like wtf. Im SO glad i didnt pay for it!! HAHA What a joke.

    Back to tokin that Strawberry Diesel :smoke:
  2. Were you smoking bounty sheets?
  3. No, lol definitely not. It was green, had hairs, kinda dense (and not in a good bud kinda way, but the "put in your back pocket and sit on it" way)
  4. I've had that problem before, I assumed it was just because someone was trying to mask the smell of it. I was pissed.
  5. Yea, Im with ya there. My initial thought was tryin to hide the smell from authorities. But.. They could have thought it out a little more.
  6. They probably keep their stash near the laundry room. I hate that ish.

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