So I recently dissected a camel crush

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. and I popped the ball too close to my face and I got it in my eyes. OW!

    what have you dissected?
  2. a baby pig in HS anatomy class.
  3. Same.

    in Marine Bio I got to disect a bunch of things, from sharks to frogs and other aquatic life.
  4. yeah Ive done a frog before.
  5. frogs and worms in bio as a freshie, ah those were the days.
  6. worms in 7th grade thats the onley time
  7. I love to dissect these...

  8. lol + rep. i love blunts. and vanilla is my favourite flavour for most things =]
  9. LOTS of things. Human, cat, pig, shark, rat, frog, etc...
  10. human, shark, frog, worm, BLUNTS.
  11. ok i was joking you guys :(....
  12. i wonder, if you dissected the crushes and bit into the menthol bubble thing, itd just be a super mint. waste of the cig, but for some reason i decided to buy a pack of em yesterday. immediately regretted it as i really prefer stogies, but crushes sounded good at the time.
  13. Worm and a frog.
  14. I bet it'd taste terrible...if it did taste good, it'd taste like the balls in icebreakers gum.
  15. I dissected a crush too!

    I couldn't resist, I had to find out what I was popping everytime I smoked one :eek:

    I've dissected :

    fetal pig
    stretch armstrong (RIP)

    Wow, for an ex-vegetarian I've dissected quite a few things
  16. when the fuck did you guys dissect humans?

    i know all you guys arent in med school
  17. Other than cigars/cigarillos, nothing.
    I chose to write a report than dissect the frog.
  18. A worm and a grasshopper back in seventh grade.
  19. I've dissected;
    A bull's eye
    A lamb's heart
    Can't remember what else but I'm sure there were more.

    Edit: O yes, also did a lamb's brain.

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