so i really dont understand

Discussion in 'General' started by mothergoose, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. why Salvia is legal but marijuana isnt.....does anyone get this?
  2. I'm sure the government has it's reasons for everything, usually money is at the top of their priority list so just keep that in mind.
  3. 1. Until recently, very few people knew about it. I smoked it for the first time five years ago and at that time it was completely new to everyone i hung around with even though they were big into drugs. The scheduling of salvia has already begun in some states.

    2. It has no industrial use unlike cannabis. The growth of the plant will never threaten the fabric, oil, and medical industries like cannabis does
  4. Soon it wont be.
  5. better question is, why the fuck is tobacco legal?
  6. because there would be riots if they suddenly outlawed tobacco. its the most common recreational activity in the world. you smokers are lucky the habit became ingrained into western culture 300 years before substance prohibition was even thought of in america
  7. They are making it illegal haha.. I'm glad I don't like it.

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