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    My commitment is made. I henceforth cast off the evils of tobacco--I have felt its astringent effects upon the cords of my soul. It is an enemy in its form--a destroyer of mind and body. It offers no foreseeable benefit to me in either the present or the future. My image is stained with carcinogenic gobs of tar; I smell of cigarettes, and I suffer from a persistent hacking cough. It is time to let go.

    It has become nothing more than a sickness and a burden. At first, the mild buzz is alluring, but time reveals a monster in its true nature. Everything turns to ashes in its wake, and what enjoyment I gained from it is but a grain of sand to the beach of my existence. I shall purge this self-contrived pestilence.

    I am decided to come to realization of my actions.

    I am decided to quit.

    Any helpful suggestions?

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