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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Koh, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I ordered this piece,

    Molino Hurricane Spoon - Dutch -

    and when the package arrived i got this,

    Molino Hurricane Spoon - Dutch -

    So i emailed them about it and asked to swap out for the one i wanted basically

    What im wondering tho is

    1) Is it strait to break it in or will they want me to ship it back to them?

    2) Will they swap it for the one i ordered or just say the colors vary, cuz i really dont like the orange one :(

    Thanks for the help :wave:
  2. I'm really not sure how they will handle it... But I would think you're shit out of luck. Especially since it's overseas.

    Just enjoy what you got I guess
  3. unfortunately thats what im thinking to, kinda sucks but its not a bad piece anyway so i guess its all good
  4. Dont break it in if your trying to ship it back, but it says in the shop that colors may vary so i dont think you could ship it back for that reason
  5. just take the damn pipe its cool. The only problem I have with molino is that the spoons look a lot more sleek on the grasscity page than they do in person (I had one but an asshole stole it)
  6. I like the orange one soo much more than the one you ordered.
  7. Did you read the review? Or was that you'r review?

    I mean your ordering off a website, if you are that picky about your glass go to a shop. Or only order product that have no color.

    That being said, I was very pleased with my order from the city.
  8. no its just that the pictures of the molino's are always taken from the top making them lok very compact and small, though that's not the case.

    Dont get me wrong I loved the spoon and it got me the highest ive ever gotten.
  9. It's the same spoon, just different colors. The site does say 'colors will vary', and seeing as how you've already broken it in... I'd say you're outta luck.
  10. I havent broken it in actually, and its not the color that bothers me, its the size of the bowl to the size of the pipe proportion that bothers me, so dont get me wrong guys its not the color, its the shape
  11. Thats the same complaint I have with it it kinda looks like


    its looks like molino made it for novelty purposes. I love it but its just not what you would get if you actually went to a headshop. oh and it's not what I would call a stealth spoon its really big and bulky

    (those x dont mean anything just tae space)
  12. Ahh... But you did get the bowl you ordered, no? The only difference I could see is the colors are different. Is it not the bowl you ordered? If not, you can probably get it exchanged. If it's the bowl you ordered, you're probably stuck with it, man. But SJ (the shop owner) would be the one to make the final decision on that.
  13. Well their called the same thing "Molino Hurricane Spoon", but they are clearly different IMO, so yea i didnt get the bowl i ordered
  14. Then hit up the shop support, and let them know of the mistake. The forum and the shop are run by different people, so I can't really tell you exactly what's going to happen. If you fail to get a response from support, superjoint is the owner of the site. You could try PMing him directly, but please avoid that unless you cannot get a satisfactory response from support (he's extremely busy).

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