SO, i need some girlfriend gift help from the community

Discussion in 'General' started by scheezy, May 11, 2011.

  1. what's up fellas, basically what the title says.

    her birthday is on the 12th, & i've yet to buy her a present, in part because i've been tight on money and have wanted to save until i had as much as i could spare at the time to spend, and part because my gift ideas have been trumped.

    for instance, i was going to buy her a pair of wayfarer shades (not the only gift) but she bought a pair of not-as-nice-but-still-straight shades. and then i was going to have a new stereo/cd player put in to her car but i found out her dad had already planned on doing this.

    so with that said, i've got until the end of tomorrow to do some shopping therefore i'm open to some reasonable gift ideas. i have about $200 to spend on gifts, not including taking her out that night. it can be one big thing or a bunch of small things. much appreciated guys.
  2. take her on a shopping spree at her favorite store and let her get what she likes and she will be like this.....

  3. i actually thought about that, but there's no surprise element. i figured that's something her mom or someone would do, you know?
  4. buy her concert tickets or something. i just bought game 7 bulls playoff tickets for my girls bday today..she is gunna freak out lol

    girls do love shopping tho!!
  5. that's a real good idea, she was just saying how she wanted to go to the britney spears/nicki minaj tour, but i still want her to have something physically in her hands for her bday. thanks for the idea!
  6. well, did you over cook your ham on the skillet?
  7. I would buy one of these. My girlfriend has one and loves it to death. I have to fight her for control over it........ha ha ha and my friend that is some fun as times.
    Waterproof iVibe Rabbit Vibrator
    have fun
  8. Can we have some more info? Like what kind of things is she into? Does she have hobbies? What are her favorite things, like music, food, clothing, etc. Is there anything she particularly likes or dislikes? That's the key to buying good gifts for people, you have to make sure they're things custom to that particular person.
  9. Bitches love shiny things~

  10. +1. need more info, man.
  11. This :)
    Take her to a nice resturaunt, eat her out for hours, & buy her a nice necklace or something. Maybe throw in something sentimental too, like one of your old jerseys (if you ever played in sports) or something like that. :D
  12. @ Ol Red Eye - we actually just recently got one. lol at me saying "we" but, yeah not that brand but still.

    well she works a lot, tans a lot, wants to start working out (not that she's out of shape or fat at all), she can't keep up with things hardly at all and almost hardly ever goes to her house - so things she might use at home would be kind of pointless. i got her an ipod for christmas, and she likes to smoke but she already has a small bowl..

    other than that (though i'm sure there's plenty of characteristics that might help), she's pretty much in to everything else other girls are in to. clothes-wise she's in to forever 21 (i don't know if ya'll have this store), but i kind of wanted to steer away from clothes, although a quick last minute gift card to there wouldn't be a bad idea.
  13. i saw nicki minaj in concert about a month ago on while she was on tour with lil wayne. shes actually not a bad performer and puts on a good show (lapdances n strippin n shit lol)

  14. the restaurant/date thing is already a plan, and going down on her until she can't feel anything goes without saying.. but the way i see jewelry is is that if it's not expensive enough, then it's not really worth getting, so if i was to do that i'd want to have more money to spare.

    plus i'm already planning on that for the anniversary in a couple of months.

  15. i just looked up tickets and the best i could pay for without getting her shity seats would take a good chunk of change, so that may be a later-on gift. lol
  16. I use proflowers a lot. Sherri's berries are great too. My girl has loved all the flower and berry purchases.
  17. what's sherri's berries?

    and as strange as it sounds, my girlfriend has to be one of the only women in the world that dislikes getting flowers.
  18. They sell chocolate dipped strawberries. They have some other fruit arrangements. Chocolate covered cookies and such. I think 30 for a dozen.

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