so i need bj advice...

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  1. i've been wanted to give my bf a bj for a while now but have been a tad afraid to.
    i just really dont know what i'm doing.
    any advice?
  2. put the cock in your mouth and go up and down and swirl your tongue around a bit...

    its not hard lol

    think of it as a lollipop hahaaa
  3. haha that works i suppose.
  4. kudos to you for having the kajoles to ask.
    there's just a few things to keep in mind:

    1. It hurts him. Make sure the head of his cock is completely lubed up (either with your spit or with actual lube) before you do any intense rubbing.
    2. It feels best for him when you put it deep down into your throat. Seriously, it's heaven.
    3. If you're doing it right, there will be lots of extra spit and drool in your mouth. Spit that all back onto his cock and pump the shaft.
    4. Take advice from porn films; these are professionals who know what a man wants.
    5. Try to look like you're enjoying it =P
  5. also put your hand toward the bottom and stoke him while you suck it...

    hm...I'm kinda curious, how old are you and why haven't you done it before?

    oh oh, another thing thats fun is lick from the bottom all the way to the head every once in a while ;)

    he should love you haha
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  6. damn this gave me a semi lol

    dont forget the balls!
  7. im 18.
    and this is actually my first serious bf.
    i live with very over protective parents that have issues with me dating.
  8. My advice to you, is to not give a blowjob to him, or anyone for that matter. Search for your meaning in life, in other places. Do not let your earthly desires control you.
  9. that is what we call "the chubs"
    [ame=]YouTube - I've got chubs for you[/ame]
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    If you really have no clue what you're doing, you should definitely watch some porno.

    Keep your lips over your teeth so he doesn't punch you in the side of the head when you go CHOMP CHOMP on his WEE WEE.

    Spit is good. Recycle.

    Mind the stepchildren (Those be the balls, YARRR).

    Make some eye contact (Guys love that shit cause it's porno-styleey).

    Have fun.

    EDIT: The most IMPORTANT thing (HOW DID I LEAVE THIS OUT?!) is ENTHUSIASM. Whatever you lack in experience and talent can (for the most part) be made up for with enthusiasm. That would be the difference that Chris Rock alludes to between a blow job and fellatio. Fellatio? Puh-lease... BORING. Take it out and smack it on your cheek. Suck on them bawlz. For the love of God and all that is holy, suck it like it owes ya' money!

    This link might help?

    Again... watch the teeth.
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    make sure he's comfortable in a seated position. slowly unbutton/unzip his pants and pull them down to his ankles. gently remove his little dick from his boxer/briefs. lick it a little and suck on the tip of his dick. don't be afraid to spit on his cock or your hand for lube. stroke his shaft while sucking and continue to stroke it when you need a breather. if you can, position the tip of his penis on the inside cheek of your mouth a few times. don't forget to slap yourself in the face with his member a few times also.(seriously). brace yourself for the money shot, know before hand what you want to do with it.
    swallow, spit, cum on face, let him cum on your hand, his belly, whatever.
    i would consider all of the above a success.

    your welcome ;)

    oh yes,......... EYE CONTACT FOR SURE. AND A WINK.
  12. :rolleyes: What if her meaning in life was to give blowjobs? :D

    When I first gave my boyfriend head (which was my first time ever) I was just like "uhhh, I wanna give you head, but I don't know what I'm doing, ok? Just keep that in mind and tell me if I'm doing something wrong."

    Start off at the top. It's weird having a dick in your mouth at first, so just take a little bit in, like maybe a little past the head. It's easier to use tongue when you have less of it in your mouth so take advantage of that. When you're used to the feel of it, move up and down. I kind of try to mimic the feel of a vag by keeping teeth out of the way (but you should do this no matter what lol), and kind of making it "tight" (i.e., making sure there's no air taking up room in my mouth, so it's all tongue and cheek). The frenum is sensitive (google it, it's hard to explain) so tongue action on that will be way appreciated.

    If you think you're not going deep enough with it, or if your mouth gets tired, you can use your hand too, whether it's moving both your head and hand up and down OR keeping your mouth on the head and using your tongue on it while giving him a handjob.

    Don't be scared of cum! I swallowed my second time ever. I've only been with one guy but it's easier to swallow cum than a shot of liquor, in my opinion. And if you try it once and don't like it, you don't ever have to do it again!

    Tell him to let you know when he's going to come, and go faster/deeper when you think he's close -- don't wear yourself out too quickly.

    Hope this helped :wave:
  13. Smoke a bowl with him first!
    I don't know if it's true for anyone else but I get in the Cock Sucking Zone when I'm lit lol
    But yeah listen to justineBTC and watch the teeth, imagine your boyfriend chompin down on your vag or nipple?? ouuucch
    And use your hand as an extension since you probably can't deep throat him...but don't worry that comes with practice
    Just pay attention to how he reacts and you'll be fine, girl!
  14. Thanks for the siggy!
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  15. the key is tongue, and suction. Keep that tongue moving, the shaft wet, and your teeth covered, and suck as you move up and down. If you've seen the movie Spaceballs, remember this motto.
    "Suck... Suck... Suck..."

    And the back of the head is quite sensitive. Where the head wraps around and you see the 2 lines almost meet, tongue it. It feels amazing.

  16. Unzip his pants with your teeth. Thats killer.
  17. Just put it in your mouth.
    [ame=]YouTube - Akinyele - Just Put It In My Mouth[/ame]
  18. Take it slow. Make sure you're not accidentally scratching him with your teeth.

    I always start with playful licking and teasing. Then I move into light sucking the tip of his cock. I think guys like to be teased this way. (Am I right?) Gradually work the tongue in with the light sucking. Then increase the intensity over time. Go a little harder and deeper. Try going slow and see how far you can take it. It helps if you relax your throat. What really gets my guy off is pressing his head on the top part of my throat and pressing my tongue up under it.

    It's actually REALLY fun to do. There are some days where I could care less about sex. I just want to get my guy off. Hehe. Have fun and go crazy. Make lots of sexy eye-contact.
  19. I won't give out all my tips, but I'll tell you a good one. :D
    When you deepthroat, lick his balls at the same time.

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