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Discussion in 'General' started by purplenuggets, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So since college has started up and all of my usual income goes towards tuition etc., I need a little extra bit of income to pay for the smoke, drink, and all of the luxuries. You know. So I live in a large college town in the midwest, and I need part time. The problem that lies in this is, I don't know where to start. Can anyone suggest a good commercial store/company that would offer the best pay, hours, etc.?

    Fast food/restaurants are out of the question for me, btw.

    Thanks in advance. :smoke:
  2. I would suggest fast food or restaurants. :D
  3. If your picky about a job then you don't deserve one.
  4. ^This.

    And chances are, living in a college town, everything that isn't a fast food/restaurant job was claimed a month before people started returning for school. That's normally how it works.
  5. in lawerence?
  6. Fast food and resturaunts really are your best bet and usually they dont drug test, while other stores will.
  7. Fast food, man.

    Sure, it sucks, but so does not having any weed or not being able to buy drinks and party.

    Your call.
  8. check on campus man. i get paid 8.25/hr for bullshit work at one of the dining places and i can work up to 40hrs a week if i wanted to, they dont give a shit
  9. Yeah, check your campus. There are plenty of job opportunities around.
  10. If you're desperate for work, gotta except it all bud.

    Try target or something. If you're 21 try a liquor store / bar.
  11. Coffee shops are cool. they usually dont pay that great but ... its not hard work, and i actually enjoyed it sometimes. youre in a college town. as its already been said, most jobs that are suitable for college students are taken already.
    local headshop would be awesome.
    damnit i wish i could go back to thos bullshit-job days.
  12. Beggars cant be choosers.

    Why do people hate on fast food jobs? Shit my first job was at a "upper" class grocery store. Made 50cents more then people at mcdonalds yet I had to pay union fees. By the time I got promoted there I would of been running mcdonalds. Some lady I worked with there left to go to the restaurant next door and she brought in more money then I did just in tips.

    Leave your ego at the door cause paper is paper no matter how you earn it.

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