So I met this girl.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by dankYdrew, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, it seems as though I've finally found the girl I've been looking for all along. I hope so at least. Turns out less than 20 minutes away, lives a girl that enjoys toking as much as I do. Now, you might say "So what?", but the reason this causes excitement is because I live in a very old-fashioned area of Alabama where girls are either all about the Bible, or pissing their pants because they made first chair in band class.

    I am going to smoke a blunt with her tomorrow, and I hope we kick things off well. She's so pretty it's intimidating.

    I haven't had a girlfriend in a couple of months. Not because I can't find a girl, but because I can't find the right one. Hopefully, she's the right one. :)
  2. goddamn i wanna get with a southern belle.

    a real one, not some slut from florida.

    im talkin biloxi mississippi pussy status son.

    im talkin savannah georgia pussy mayne.


    the southern drawl, the twang, that shit gets my dick hard every time.

    good luck blowin that blunt bro....find a weeping willow, crawl underneath, and blaaaze.
  3. A southern belle? Lol, I don't think she's quite that bro. That's why I like her... XD

    Thanks for the willow idea. Too bad I don't know the location of one.
  4. dog, you live in alabama. and she's a girl. that makes her a southern belle in my book.

    now sure we're a number of years away from tennessee williams and gentlemen callers, or even mark twain, but shit aint changed. southern girls are southern girls man...if you dont believe me come up north and get a load of these fucking cunts from long island...they think maryland is the south. hah.

    put some south in your mouth. or put some south in her mouth. whatevers clever. good luck mayne
  5. Well, I'm not sure how she'd feel about being posted on a forum, but if all goes well I'll gladly show you her. I don't agree with your Southern Belle theory, but I guess you know more about girls up there than me, so I'll take that as "Dont blow it." advice. Haha.
  6. haha shit man, maryland girls are prissy as fuck i know first hand. hard to find gems in this state ill tell you that
  7. Can't go wrong.. Weed always brings people together.

  8. Hahaha

    [ame=]YouTube - Rick James - Super Freak[/ame]

    But on a serious note nice catch OP I feel yah on the whole "good girl" thing.

    WE ALL KNOW ITS AN ACT! :cool:
  9. Good luck dude. Don't let her intimidate you though. They can smell that shit and it turns em off. Have confidence in yourself and make sure you show her that you're the man out of the two. Indiscreetly though of course. Don't be the guy from the Unforgivable youtube videos.

  10. Yo shut your mouth!
    Florida chicks are amazing man,
    There cultured not like whorey chicks from up north.

    Theres nothing hotter then seeing a hot bitch in a cut above the stomach tanktop cheering for her favorite football team, (The Gators of course.)

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