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So, I made green dragon yesterday...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nug slugger, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Using this recipe -

    I followed the instructions exactly. Used 4 grams of chron, 2 oz of 151, the proper temps, I even used the thermocouple on my multimeter to check the temp of the oven, and used a digital cooking scale to ensure that the temp of the alchohol stayed at 170 degrees, every 2 minutes.

    I also hadn't smoked in 2 days. I ended up taking 1 dropper full, about 2 hours after eating a small dinner. I waited an hour, but I just never really felt anything, even after 3 more dropper fulls, I never really felt anything, aside from the occasional "tickle" of "high-ness", which would kindof come and go, but it certainly wasn't what i was hoping for! This is an expensive mistake!

    Oh, a friend took around the same amount and he didn't really feel anything too noticeable either.

    Does anyone else have any experience with cannabis tinctures? Any help would be appreciated!

    I'm going to try again soon on a completely empty stomache.
  2. Take that fuckin bottle and pour you a good sized cup and you should feel it then
  3. Probably, but it shouldn't require that, not to mention it tastes fucking bad.
  4. I've made some GD (cold extraction) and it didn't do much either. It got you high but nothing like what was described. Maybe we just did it wrong? :confused:
  5. Arent you supposed to let it sit for like 4 weeks.
  6. Decarboxylation of the weed by baking it, and then doing the extraction in heated alchohol drastically reduces the extraction time.

    err, at least it was supposed to... :confused:

    I just took 2 dropper fulls about 15 minutes ago (2:45). I haven't had anything to eat since a couple bowls of basic 4 around 9:30 AM.
  7. I wish I could try some that someone knows is the real deal...
  8. T +30

    I'm definately feeling a little something, but nothing on the order of firecrackers "grab-you-by-the balls-passout-high".
  9. You probably boiled off the alcohol, because ethanol (what gets you drunk) boils at 173 degrees fahrenheit at sea level and thats why it didn't work. This is just a guess though.

  10. I kept it below that temp, and trust me, it is still VERY alchoholic... ;)

    Its been about an hour and 14 minutes now since those 2 droppers. I definately feel different, but not too much different from baseline. My head feels like i'm high, but i'm not that high.
  11. i made it with a 750ml bottle of Kettel One vodka. I added in 18 grams of stems and about .7g of straight keif. Put it in the bottle, shook it every few days, left it in the dark for about 3 months...

    it turned out alright. it takes like fire going down your throat. i only had a shot cuz i just wanted to sample, but my boys had about 3-5 each. they were rolling stoned the whole night after 5 shots of it. its ghetto but it worked out alright....just my experiences. I have about 1/2 bottle left, and ill report back in when i try it out. i plan on drinking enough to get pretty faded, we'll see.
  12. My second try yesterday didn't go much better than the first. I would have been much higher for much longer by smoking the 4 grams i used. :(

    Surely, someone here must have made a cannabis tincture that works. MMJ users, can you buy tinctures at dispensaries? What are they like? (Like the kind in the directions, that fucks you up with a couple dropperfulls)

    I also had another friend try some yesterday, with the same unimpressive results.

  13. I would let it sit because i think patience is the key when it comes to making green dragon. All of the stuff i've had has sat for over a month and two shots of the shit had me blown for the longest. I dont think theres a really quicc way to make it i think it has to fermint to get real good and strong.

  14. thats very true, quality requires a decent amount of time.
  15. i heard tht all u have to do is put ur bud in a vodka bottle and let it ferment for like a month or month and a half
  16. as mentioned in my previous post above, i did just what you guys are mentioning, and it worked out alright. you might expect better results from using 4 g's of straight weed instead of the stem and keif mix i used, but mine worked alright. it tastes bad but you can definitely feel the effect.

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