So I love this relationship, but one prob

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  1. Awhile back I talked about getting out of a relationship with some crazy dude, and it was bunch of crazy shit, kid still wants to kill me but w/e all he does is talk shit on fb...

    Anyways I was always friends with this girl and always extremely attracted to her. However never really had feelings another way.

    Now that we are both adults and not in highschool we re unite, and one thing leads to another and we start having sex, and we do it alot. Like thats all that is on her mind, and thats all that is on my mind.

    No doubt we like hanging out with each other, but by the end she wants it as bad as I do.

    She even admitted to me that she is a freak and loves fucking me. Its only been about a week and a half, and its starting to get freaky. Im a freak so it its real nice.

    She starts opening up to me and says shes never had an orgasm from having sex, but I am her 2nd partner. She says a lot of her friends don't either.

    So now that we are basically fuck buddies I need to get this girl off having sex. I mean she tells me its a lot better with me cuz im not hung like a horse (never thot that would be an advantage), unlike her ex. Little ego killer, so now I need to get her off.

    Theres gotta be some trick, maybe ladies what u think works, and guy what ur ladies say work?
  2. Just finger her, hit the supposed 'g-spot', works everytime :hello:
  3. The Mack basically has the right idea. I like to start off there, then do some lickin'. If you have to get her off during sex, then start fucking her once you get her real good and hot.
  4. If shes not in the mindset it will never happen.

    Warm her up with some fingerin and lickin. Stay down there for as long as you need to, then get up and go for the kill.

    Missionary is pretty good. Make sure to spread her legs and to angle her backwards so that when you go in and out you are rubbing the inside front of her pussy where the g-spot is.

    Those of you lucky enough to read this post will be granted great pleasure! This is my lil secret. ;)
  5. i would just eat her out until she has one and then take your turn... some women are harder to work with than others
  6. lol I dont see why youre concerned with her orgasm...

    But seriously some girls just arent as sensitive and require more stimulation. Experimenting and feedback is the best move here. Enjoy the practice

  7. Actually only about 50% of all women have one.
  8. i've slept with 3 women who i haven't made "orgasm". i guess it's just the way they are! i love orgasming :) i couldn't imagine life without it..

  9. Foreplay, dude, foreplay.
  10. i get impatient :p. they key is, to get them hooked the first time. then it's all yours :p
  11. Get at that clitoris mang!
  12. Lol there's an episode on Louie about this. Play with her clit using your dick just sliding it all up and down sliding it like an atm card but don't put it in yet build a rhythm she'll start to follow. This would be a great time to start the sex talk. Ask her if she likes it and if she does continue and if she doesn't that means she just wants you to put it in her. Wait till she screams it out in impatience then this is when you pretty much have her. Slip in once slowly then pull out fast. Do the atm slide with your dick once or twice and slip in again at an average speed and pull it out again. Do this 3 or 4 more times and become a pretty good judge of her behavior at this time. She will pretty much want to rip your head of like a female praying mantis if you don't stick in in her now. Jack rabbit her now for a good 30 seconds and stop, get back into your groove and hit all her hot spots now especially on the neck. This is also a good time for a short kiss. Develop your groove/rhythm and gently place your hand behind her scalp and yank her hair pulling her head back. Hit her jawline and throw a tongue in her ear and after that you're pretty much golden. If you eat her out after all this you'll become the top guy and possibly the only guy she calls for a fuck. This is good. Its ALL about the sex guy you can be the worst fucking asshole in the world but if you make a girl orgasm constantly she'll keep calling. Think about it. Hope this helps man :smoke:
  13. (Awhile back I talked about getting out of a relationship with some crazy dude,

    if you spent less time fucking guys i think you wouid no what to do :rolleyes:
  14. Women can cum 3 different ways.

    Clitoral, vaginal and both.

    I suggest you finger her while licking her clit and see what reaction you get.

    That pretty much does it for most females.

    I was fucking with this chick that made men work hard just to make her cum.
    I'd go down there and stick my finger in, lick her clit hard then she'd be done.
  15. Get a small vibrator and introduce it. If you guys are both freaky this should be no problem.

    It's great.

    And don't let the fact that you have a smaller cock bother you. She told you it felt better and that's all that matters. Do you want to have a monster cock that only pleases a mother of 7 or a legit pornstar?

    Also, try thrusting upwards. I've only had an orgasm during sex this way because he was bashing his pelvis on my clit. Good times, let me tell you. That shit was phenomenal.

    I used to be in her exact situation, but then i started having sex with guys who knew what they were doing (not that you don't, you probably do) and how to treat a girl in bed. :)
  16. Wait... I thought the OP wanted to get her off his dick... wasn't that what he meant?

    OP : Just tell her your dick has rash or something. Oh, wait... what if she wants to see it?

    Ok... here's another trick... tell her, you fucked someone without condoms last night. That will DEFINITELY get her away from your dick.
  17. Women take an average of 10.5 minutes to orgasm, guys take like 5. So hit the elevator button for ground floor man and let your tongue do most of the talking!
  18. It's all in their head. If they sit there convinced, "It's impossible for me to orgasm" it'll never happen.

    Catch her off guard, be romantic about it, and don't tell her what your goal is.

    I would barely enjoy sex if the woman didn't cum. Their pleasure = my pleasure.
  19. I think the OP is a bisexual male...
    I cant decrypt your posts.

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