so i live in mass and went to c dr about letter

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  1. so with the new law in massachusetts, i made an appointment with my pyschriatrists or however u spell it. we talked and then i asked him since it was the new year and the new law could he write me a letter. he laughed at me. i asked him what was so funny. i said "you just laughed at a patient's honest request". fucking loser shrink i have. so he goes u r mad at me and i said no i was disappointed. gotta find another doctor it seems who is more open.
  2. Its going to be relatively hard to get a recommendation in mass. You pretty much have to have a terminal illness from what I've heard. Plus, thats a terrible way to ask your shrink for a rec haha
  3. is the bud in the shops alot cheaper? Not alot of good tree on the block?

  4. Well,in California,they actually have Doctor's offices that specifically deal with medical marijuana recommendation only.You're supposed to have some kind of way to prove something is wrong with you,such as medications you're on for depression,anxiety pain etc or an x-ray,mri and such.

    Back when the mmj law was put into effect here in CA,I believe you had to go to a regular doctor and had to be pretty ill with diseases like cancer or aids.

    So it may take a few years until a person who suffers from migraines,anxiety,depression etc can actually get a mmj script out there.

    But who knows,I'm just taking a guess.
  5. Haha um yea i can see why you didn't get the recommendation. "Oh hey doc, you know since its the new year and everything, wanna give me my med card":confused: I can see why he laughed at you
  6. i have ptsd and other issues. i dont get why he would just shoot me down like that. i had an appointment anyway. and thanks for the SUPPORT
  7. ]

    is this not what i did?

  8. thanks a lot there u r one special person. i have a condition that is met set by the state guidelines.
  9. Then go to your doctor instead of your psychiatrist.
  10. i guess that is what i will do
  11. sounds like your shrink is a pompous ass. i'd think that would be gone over like on day 1 in psychiatry 101 - do not laugh at your patient.

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