so i like to paint my girlfriends toe-nails,,,{ is that odd ?}

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Feb 10, 2009.


    .but yeah i put on her toe-nail polish for her,,,,sometimes i dont do a good job,, and paint part of her toe that i shouldnt be painting,,,

    i suggest all dudes try it on thier ladies,,,,,'' BUT LET IT BE A SURPRISE''...

    my woman really digs it,, such a simple thing can bring so much rewards,,,

    do you do some '' LITTLE THINGS'' for your lady to please her,?:confused:
  2. Yeah i used to do shit like that with my ex, but i never did a good job
  3. Hahaha chicken, better her toe nails than yours bro.

    Hows life treatin ya?

  4. well my work aint real good at all...

    i really suck at it,,,,,

    but she lets me continue doing it,,,,:confused:

  5. You sure its just the Girlfriends toes you paint aye chicken:cool:

    Look familiar?:D
  6. Oh fuck no. If my husband came anywhere near my feet, I'd kick him in the neck.

    Don't touch my feet.

  7. and obviously his girlfriend doesn't mind, and won't kick him in the neck....

  8. lol.. obviously. I didn't mean to sound as hostile as I did.

    I just reeeeallly hate having my feet touched. :)
  9. Ok, sorry. No offense but that post sounded really bitchy, which is why I replied the way I did. No hard feelings.
  10. I like to shave my girlfriend's vagina for her. It always leads to a happy ending.
  11. LOL a little off track.:D
    Funny tho.
  12. LOL youre wierd.

    Why do you have having your feets touched?

    Chicken, you really are one of a kind. Wierd muhfucker.

    This thread makes me uncomfortable.
  13. my ex painted my nails once. he did a terrible job. i've never seen someone paint nails so poorly in my life.
    but i didn't mind... i thought it was cute. :rolleyes:

    i also painted two of his toenails.
  14. Lol lol lol

  15. My feet are just freakishly ticklish. It makes my skin crawl. :eek:

  16. Creative post.
  17. off track...? chicken asked if anyone does 'little things' to please their woman. this seems like something along those line.
  18. Yes, I'll admit it, I have done it before with an ex-girlfriend. I told her I wanted her to paint her nails stripper-pink. She complied, so long as I did the painting.
  19. if it gets you laid, then no. ha
  20. i agree with penelope
    im not ticklish there tho
    i just dont like it

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