So, I lied about sobriety

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. So, I kinda lied about the sobriety. This is my LAST weekend of fun... so I plan to live it up.

    Since I still live at home, My mom's been throwing me $50 a week to do some shit. Yard work, building things, etc... After quiting my job, it feels like I'm 12 again getting allowance, haha. So, since my NEXT weekend after this one will be with family, Ima go out with a bang. I'm going to cop $100, saying the girl and I have a special night planned, which we do.

    I will hit up my boy, and get some great yay. 1.3grams of 99.9% pure medicinal shit for $80. Pricey, yes. THE best quality I've had? YES.

    So, thats the plan. After this past weekend, I wanna try and have everything ready to go without having to wait 2 hours before we find a reliable source. My boy has NEVER let me down. Shit's awesome quality, and he's 90% reliable to hit me back up. This weekend is looking good!

    Sorry, Can't sleep. Figured I'd come to the city.
  2. Damn that sounds incredible. Although whenever I try to have really big "last times" of anything it never ends up working out that way. :/

    Best of luck to you.
  3. Thanks. This weekend was supposed to be my last. But we used cut straws, and the yayo wasn't good at all. I'm going out with a bang this time, haha.

    Razor blade- check
    $20 bill- not yet, but tomorrow hopefully.
    yayo- hopefully get it tomorrow.

    I hate waiting for dealers, and if he got a few days advance.
  4. Yay dealers can be so unpredictable it seems. I knew one that, so long as you could reach him, could meet you anywhere and quick. Plus he was up at pretty much all hours.

    And then there've been too many others who take ages to deal with and nearly impossible to talk to on the phone.. etc etc.
  5. Yeh. My boy gets back to me really quick. We usually have to meet him at his place for the yay, but he like delivers bud. It's pretty aiight with me. If I tell him I got no ride, but will spot him an extra $5 or $10 on gas, He'll deliver it. Which is what I plan to do actually...

  6. What???:eek::eek: That's WAY beyond pricey, man. That's straight out rip-off!
  7. Eh, fuck it. My last time for fun until basic training starts. Dude's reliable, Dude sells big sacks, Dude's got great shit. So, It's worth it to me....

    So, plan A didn't work. My mom is broke according to her. Im waiting 2 more hours, and calling my dad... Haha. Talk about desperate...
  8. I doubt your gonna get medical shit unless you know a medical hookup who has access to it like I do

    and for that price its a rip off medical cocaine is hard shit to get you really got to know people and even then I would pay over 50 a gram EVER thats such a rip off

    and having mommy and daddy pay for your cocaine

    come the fuck on man

  9. Yo head, I'm fed the fuck up with you coming into threads and insulting me.

    I've stated the price doesn't matter. It's delivered, guaranteed, and it's great shit. For a last time, Those are 3 wonderful things.

    You've got a nack for coming into my threads, or any thread for that matter and insulting me. You think you could STOP doing this?

    It's wonderful quality. And as for the mommy and daddy quote, very cute. It's kinda hard having cash when you quit your job to join the military. If you wouldn't mind, it be GREAT if you could refrain from posting in my threads from this point foward. You've got a grudge for no reason. I offer peace, and shit, and you still insult me.

    " Come the fuck on man" and grow the fuck up.
  10. grow the fuck up?

    at least I dont get money from my mom to buy my coke
  11. Get some X or something, fuck cocaine, nothing good ever comes out of hittin a couple lines

  12. And again, taking low blows for no reason. I've asked you SEVERAL times to kindly leave me alone, and drop the bullshit.

    You're acting like a 12 yr old. with a new " yo mamma" joke. It's getting kind of old. Chill out, and please, leave me alone.

    And I'm actually doing something with my life. Not many people can say they're going into a job as a " nuclear weapons technician". Live your life the way you want to. I'm just trying to enjoy mine, and the small time I've got left here at the city. And you've had a habit lately of being as big of a dick as you can towards me.
  13. fuck that noise Spaz, get some thiz or shrooms.
  14. head4life....put Spaz on your ignore list or stay out of his threads, please. We don't need the negativity in the forums.
  15. even if you get your yay fresh off the ki', i'm pretty sure even the bricks are 85-90% pure because of impurities during the production process... so 99% pure yayo doesn't seem right, but i'm sure its good...
  16. Sorry RMJL will do
  17. allright, guess it's my mistake. But yes, It's still very very good. My pops said he throw me some extra bills on wednesday after court, Sweet. Now just gotta get a good connect down, who comes through.

    Yeh, I know, I plan stuff out in advanced, way too advanced.

  18. No hard feelings dude. Im cool if you're cool.
  19. Well..if its actual Medical Grade blow, then there would be zero impurities. But, Id imagine that your dealer, Spaz, is probably just talking about how good his shit is, claiming its as good as Medical. Good luck in Basic man! We will be looking foward to seeing around here again, so we know you didnt fuck up with your nuke toys :p
  20. Ohhh boooy! lol, damn spizzzazzz, thas alot for 1.3, but whateva makes ya happy mayne. Haha @ Head4life, RMJL FTW :D lol. anyways, this thread entertains the great Thizz King. LMFAO

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