So i left my window open

Discussion in 'General' started by die2014, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Left it open after i was done baking no sike i went to get some honey comb cereal and wen i gotback there were like 10 bees flying around my room! It was literally a buzzkill!! Haha i thought it was pretty funny tho
  2. youd better bee careful
  3. Bees are ass-holes...
  4. One time, a bee got in my ex's drink and stung the fuck out of her.

    She's a total bitch now, so I can laugh. :laughing:
  5. um screen?
  6. Seeking revenge for stealing their honeycomb, obviously.
  7. omfg im tottaly getting honeycombs next time i go to the store. i havent had them in years, there so good!
  8. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']um screen?[/quote]

    Popped it out so i can walk on my roof to burn/grow
  9. fuck bees. i got stung 3 times before school one day when i was in high school.
  10. Bees I like. They actually contribute to the world. Wasps on the other hand are the little useless fuckers I hate.

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