so i know this has nothing to do with GC

Discussion in 'General' started by 420PiNkFloYd, May 25, 2007.

  1. but my wife just had my baby this morning and it was awesome..
    and to make my day better I came home and smoked!
  2. congrats dad! boy or girl? and whats his/her name?
  3. congrats, is it a boy or girl??
  4. Congrats, i have one of my own.. Its definatly a great thing watching something youve help to make grow up.
  5. Gratz bro! I'll blaze one for you and your kid tonight. Good luck with your child! :hello::smoking::hello:
  6. Wish you the best, I bet it feels great bro.

    Peace ~ Chip
  7. congratulations bro, thats awesome man!
  8. Congrats... But We're still all wondering whether it's a boy or girl... still haha. Very happy to hear the news.
  9. congratulations to u and ur wife...
    now lets get him/her (still dont know yet) a grasscity account... lol


    happy fatherhood
  10. Congratulations homie, I can honestly say i know how it feels.

    I got a 7 month old daughter, Best moments of my life...

    Cherish being a father homie, Its amazing.
  11. way to go man im excited to have one of my own
  12. Congragulations dude you'll make a good father good luck and may great things come to your family.

    Cant wait to be a father myself but havent found the right girlie yet plus I'm broke as shit, and I wanna make sure my baby girl/boy gets everything I never had which is basically everything LOL(I hate laughing at my shortcomings:().
  13. congrats man....have a great one!
  14. congratulations
  15. Congrats mayne. I aint got kids yet, but I have a neice and nephew and besides the shitting/crying they seem cool :p

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