So i kinda got fucked

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    So a little back story. For about a month ive been taking my dad's friend's pain killers. Usually i only take 2-3 but this time i went over board and it was obvious i was taking them.

    My dads friend has told me flat out if im ever in amsterdam strung out on heroin that i could call him and he would get me clean and not let anyone. So basically he would have my back if something needed to be fixed that my parents shouldnt know about.

    So he tells my dad ive been taking his pills. I tried calling him the night before to reason things with him but he kinda brushed me off.

    I agree 100% that what i did showed no respect for him by taking his pills and i feel deeply sorry for that. But while searching for his pills i found a crack/meth pipe with some residue in it and i didnt "rat" him out. But yet he still did the same to me when he said i could come to him if i needed help with something my parents couldnt provide me.

    So i hope he forgives but i do kinda feel betrayed. I mean i deserved what i got 100%. But he made a big deal about always being the person who i could go to if i couldnt go to my parents. And that crack pipe to me changes everything.

    So now im on a super high dose of prozac and have to see a psychologist every weak. All because my dad thinks i need it.

    So thoughts opinions?
  2. don't tell the psychologist the truth.
    lie about everything
  3. i donno if im just high
    but i just read that like 4 times and still have no idea what happened.
  4. I'm just drunk and I didn't understand it.
  5. Something about someone is pissed at him, but now he's pissed at them, cause he loves pills and hates crack..
  6. your story is missing details man......u deserved what u got? wtf did u get?

    anyway, i wouldnt really let the crack pipe thing change your view on him. is he still the same person that youve always known? if you judge him or look at him differently its basically doing the same as uneducated people doing that to people who smoke weed in a sense
  7. Yeah, your story is poorly written

    Did he find out you were taking the pills? Do you want to confront him about the pipe or do you want to tell someone else? How does the Prozac and psychiatrist fit in? Ridiculous.
  8. alright i'm back with the program..

    i think it's a little dramatic if you're going to see a psychiatrist about this.. sounds like this guy promised you help out of any jam, free of judgement.. couldn't he expect the same respect from you? the reason he is so understanding is probably because he is a person who deals with addiction. Doesn't make him any less of a person.
  9. Who's making you see the shrink?
  10. i got fucked too......felt good
  11. haha made me lol
  12. this is such a hard thread to undestand, like what the fucks going on right now? dude im like confused. whos dad is that? your dad has crack and prozac? you do heroin, wtf. man idk im so not understanding .
  13. i realized the story didnt make much sense so im going to edit it.
  14. One of my dying friends said this to me tonight, to which you may or may not find relevant.

    Two wrongs dont make a right, but they make a great excuse.

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