So I just went through my house with a .45 and a flashlight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BongTron, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Well the past couple weeks there's been this car that will sit in front of my house, and just look around, exactly how someone would case your place for a robbery.

    My dogs had been constantly barking for the past 30 minutes, so I started to get sketched out.
    I grabbed my .45 and a flashlight, and decided to go see what they were barking at. (My dogs are down stairs)
    They sounded like they were shut in the back room or something, as if someone had come in and put them in there to get them out of the way, so I went to check.
    Went through my whole house SWAT style with my .45 in one hand and my flashlight in the other, went through every part in my house,
    but I didn't find anyone :(

    I was looking forward to unloading a clip into some fools chest. damn.

    I honestly can't wait until that person that sits in front of my house tries and breaks in.:cool:
  2. Damn man, I hate thieves. Kill that motherfucker. Shoot him once in each limb and call the police 20 minutes later while you bitch him out as he suffers.
  3. I remember your post about that, with a.45 2 shots is OVERKILL lol BTW I JUST BOUGHT A BARRET .50 BMGwith a 5 round mag!!! Posting pics later :)
  4. hell yeah be a fool with that tool, keep it on deck ready to bust a brain
  5. *3 weeks pass* hmmm i wonder what ever happened to that bongtron guy..

    oh shit, time for a toke :smoke:

  6. No such thing as overkill when it comes to thieves.
    nice gat,
    I've shot a .50cal once, was amazing, can't wait until I can go down to the ranch and shoot it again.
  7. haha fuck a gun man... get something dicker, like the fucking iron thing you use to mess with the fire place and than you can show him the price of fucking with your property
  8. Nope, BongTron seems to me to bo the type of guy who can handle himself. Reminds me a lot of me.

  9. as always man, :p

  10. Well I promise you this, if I go down, whoever took me down isn't coming out alive either.:cool:

  11. I think i'd be more scared when the dogs stop barking.

  12. They sounded like they were barking in side of the back room, like they were trying to get out and rip someone's face off.
    The whole reason I went down there.

    Besides, I wouldn't let them stop barking.

  13. how fucking cool are dogs man, you know? They fucking like, WATCH your house for you. An animal does that for you. How fucking bad ass is that, really?

  14. I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or not, but, in all seriousness, very, very bad ass!
  15. There like a built in security system lol
    The .50 cal kicks like a BITCH evenwith a muzzle brake on it man. Somebody busts in to my house I'll just shoulder that bitch and spend the next 2 hours picking skull fragments out of my teeth cuz im gonna be smiling when I nail that motherfuckeR!

  16. hahaha, that's funny shit man, I know exactly what you mean!

    with the Model 82A1, at 1,200yards out, I hit a coyote down in eastern oregon, there was no coyote left to be found:hello:
  17. I love living in the middle of nowhere.

    If an intruder ever comes, I can see them from a mile away. I have two dogs that'll rip them to shreds; a black lab doberman mix and a 125 lb german shepherd.

    On top of that, my .12 gauge sits beside my bed, loaded with slugs. Not to mention the claymore (sword) above my bed. :]

    Bitch ain't gettin' very far here.
  18. A lions better.

    you can get past a dog, NOBODY fucks with a lion

  19. grandmas boyyyyyy
  20. Oh man fucking brilliant! If you could train lions like you can dogs then imagine a fucking POLICE lion! Lol he wont just find your stash that mothercuker will EAT your ass!

    Cool idea though, Oh yeah this is bowzer my lion lol

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