so i just went about getting high...

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  1. and now, im really stoned.:smoking:

    I thought this might be a good place to finally share my subconscious thoughts as of now because I know I will sound crazy if I confess them in real life.

    so it begins:

    the question is "why?"

    why do we live?

    We live to find out who we/you/I are.

    why must we ask questions?

    We must ask questions because we have answers that need questioning.

    why is who we are influenced by our habitat?

    Because there is nothing else out there.

    first of all, who are you?
    I am an everchanging entity who seeks pleasure.
    why are you who you are?
    I am who I am because that's the way I see myself.
    Who I am is not you...

    The only thing that makes our lives interesting is that we don't know our own future...

    Time is only movement. Every movement is different. Every time is different.

    You can always add more detail.

    Communities are only patterns of existence.

    You're only listening when you're talking.

    You can never be as good as the best.
    You can only be better or worse.

    When you are physically high, you seek the tops of the tallest mountains overlooking all that one could ever imagine. You seek the reaches of outer space and long to be seeing a planetary aura- a sphere of complex and eclectic energy. A clashing of civilizations. You are not diving into a deep place, you are travelling through outer space. You seek your habitat's relationship to that beyond it. You seek your meaning in such an enormous context. You discover who you are and your relationship with nature.

    When you are mentally high, you seek the deepest of thought and existence at its most fundamental level. You seek the murky depths of your mind, finding answers to questions that mean nothing out of their unmanifestible context. You find more and more similarities within nature. You seek deep meaning. You search for happiness. In doing so you discover who you are and your relationship with nature.

    An unknown world waits in the reaches of high and deep. Only from the deepest and highest thoughts can come an understanding of the ideas inbetween.

    As long as there is change, there is a road.
    As long as there is a road, there will be destinations.
    As long as there are destinations, there will be life.

    As long as there is change, there will be life.

    i think i've had enough of that.
    you can tell me if im crazy but if i am crazy then it wont matter what you say.
  2. so maybe curiosity just gives us that extra drive to survive?

    and it can eat at your head....double edged sword.

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