So I just watched an episode of jersey shore

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Free SL, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. And idk what to think.

    I just don't know how these people have fun starting problems with eachother and getting drunk and dancing..
    Idk, my nights are spent ducking cops and having great times with friends.. We don't spend our time trying to look cool so girls will talk to us
    Am I weird? Because I started to notice how different the people I hangout with are and how so many other people are just starting to act the same. It seems like everyone is trying to make their lives more like a reality tv show and I'm living the life of a Judd apatow comedy filled with crazy adventures.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Those people are so fucking fake and full of shit.Do yourself the favor of staying real.And anybody who intentionally tries to be like those douchers are just sheep who can't think for themselves!
  3. I can't fathom any one of hem being right in front of me,it would seem unreal.

    How can a human being be so repulsing.I hate these people
    with everything I have,I wish them pain and misery and darkness.
  4. Says the guy with an avvy that scares me.
  5. jersy shore is soooooo gay. If they smoked weed instead of drank they wouldnt be a bunch of punk pussys who start drama and shit...its like highschool + alcohol + ugly bitches
    Lol at that middle pic
  6. Mike Judge saw into the future when he made "Idiocracy". The fact that this is a very top rated show just blows my mind. The fact that little orange oompa loompa wrote a book and it is selling blows my mind even further.
  7. such is life in the shore
  8. even the thought of trying to watch that show makes me claw out my eyes in horror. seriously. if thats the way society goes, my head will implode.
  9. No disrespect to my American friends but the fact that a person who has no morals or life skills and stands at 4 ft tall and just screams can write a book and have it make the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS LIST shows that American literacy is going down the shitter world is coming to an end no intelligence will be left soon

    Alright a little disrespect lol my bad
  10. i like watching the not saying the people on it are role model citizens, but im entertained when i watch it

  11. haha yea wildlife documentaries keep me entertained too.
  12. i can dig it dude im outta here!!!!!!...well once i can come up with some cash...but when i do!!!!!......
  13. Who gives themselves nicknames? Nicknames are supposed to be given by others so they have meaning. These guys are really giving us people here in the NY/NJ area a bad rep. Nobody wants to see a 40 year olds abs, and snookie looks like a rat. I think Vinny is the only normal human being out of that cast.
  14. Mike the situation is a cool dude. id smoke him up.
  15. Pauly D is pretty funny, One of the members was doing coke like the whole time in Miami lol, I'm guessing it was him, he's just too wired.

    Who gets that excited about T-Shirts?
  16. I'm a UK viewer.

    And tbh I find it hilarious. They're doing what they enjoy and making money from it so can't really blame em! And as for giving the US a bad rep I can think of many worse examples of people (Sammy and Ronnie aside, fucking waste of my time whenver theyre on screen).

    Also I would hang with pauly and vinnie any time. Pauly is fucking jokes and they both seem chill.
  17. defanitely entertaining to watch, but my hometown is pretty much the surburban version of that show (idk if it has anything to do with the fact that my towns 40 min from the jersey shore). just be glad that you didn't have to grow up with those people ;)

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