So I just snorted 2 oxycontin 10's

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  1. Just wondering about how long it will take for these to kick in?
  2. should be a minute or 2. if ya don't feel shit then ya got fucked
  3. Oh you kids and yur pharmicudicals you snork. Don't ya know those things last longer if you eat em like they are made for. Not to mention your nose will last longer. It's not even coke....and ur putting it up your nose?
  4. yep shouldnt take long pretty much once you taste the drip the effects should begin...oxys are nice 20mg is a low dose however unless you have little to no tolerance.
  5. I'm feeling it a little bit, don't think I took enough. Got the 2 pills for 15, which is probably to much. First time I've taken Oxys. Should have just got some reefer.
  6. LMAO.

    Well, lesson learned.
  7. 20mg of oxycodone nasally should be a pretty nice experience for someone with no tolerance. I think you were wise to take only 20mg your first time.

    BTW, oxycodone should never sell for more than $1 a mg.
  8. lol....*****s need to stop fuckin with pills these days....pills kill and cuase adiction....ur gone fail at life!
  9. Pop that shit man. It lasts longer, it's more mellow and not so instantaneous. it's a pill. eat it.
  10. are you saying if it wasnt in pill form it wouldnt be bad? drugs are drugs.

  11. Seriously, there are some fucking asinine comments on here in regards to anything other than the beautiful marijuana.

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  12. I snoted oxycodone after smoking weed, mixed well lol.

    and $1 per mg? that would me the 5 30mg or 20mg pills i got for free would've beeen hella expensive!
  13. I think what he/she is saying is that pills are man made and honestly, no one knows the long term effects of a lot of them because they haven't been used for fifty plus years to see if people end up with cancer or not.

    Outside of that, most of the things you can get perscribed pills for can be remedied by a natural drug from nature.

    Did anyone know that cocaine is perscribable by doctors?
  14. I think he meant $1 for every 10 mg... I cant imagine paying 10 bucks for a 10 mg...
  15. yeah fuck that shit. taking odycodone wasnt worth it unless i smoked. it made me feel a little numb and twichy. but snorting it got me comfortably numb.
  16. so is meth. pretty much all drugs are prescribed by doctors. pretty much all drugs are made intended for medicinal use
  17. you're NEVER going to find oxy for $1/10mg.
  18. When did this become a conversation about Oxycodone?
    I thought he snorted oxycontin?
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    Haha yeah. Good luck finding an 80mg OC for $8.:wave:
    Some people fiend for that shit.

    The main chemical in oxycontin is oxycodone.
  20. Did you take the time release off? First time I did a 20 i was dopesick.

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