So I just smoked some resin...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brennan1174, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So yea i scraped my bowl and got 3 nice little keif balls that rolled around in my keif trey in my grinder. then i topped that off with some more powdery resin that
    shit has me higher than Justin Beibers balls mane :D

    P.S. Share your stories of getting faded off of resin!
  2. Wouldn't it have been better to too off the resin with kief instead of the other way around? As long as your high happy smoking :)
  3. Kief Balls!!
  4. The fact that Justin Beaver has no balls leads me to believe your lying. I call BS
  5. did you snort some bong water man?
  6. One time when I was dry I collected a fat gooey blob from my mflb stem. Not realising at the time that it was practically condensed thc I put the entire blob on the screen and got super dooper high.

    It was a good day.
  7. Haha, I use to smoke resin all the time...those where the good days.
  8. Really disgusting, throw away the filthy resin and enjoy your keif without polluting it with nasty tar and oils from combustion. What a waste of good keif.

  9. I can smoke the fuck outta some resin, but west is right, don't waste your keif on resin. Thats disgusting..
  10. I remember the first time I scraped the stem on my bong...I wound up with a huge ball of resin, and I spent an entire day smoking on it, getting high as fuck. :)
  11. @Op So i just smoked a joint. I haven't had a smoke in 3 days. So im feeling Great!
  12. When your out of bud, resin does the trick :) scraped out my bong once. Holy balls i was super duper high for like 45 minutes.

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