so i just saw my old best friend/neighbor for the first time in 11 years

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  1. ...yea.

    I still don't really know what to say, it was an incredibly weird and surreal experience - we were best friends as children, and when we were about 10 his family moved back to there home country of japan. I'm still... i don't even know, i just feel super weird, it was great seeing him and his family after so many years of no contact. He can barely speak english now, but his father could speak it decently enough that we could all hold a conversation. He remembered my house and even remembered the smell of it lol - random post, but i had nobody else to share this with and i needed to share this somewhere... i cant explain how i feel right now - who know's when i'll see him, if ever, again? decade old memories are flooding back, this is so crazy - its like i just realized how much him moving changed my life and what it could have/would have been if he didnt move. wow, this is just so weird for me right now, i didnt think it would affect me so much when they first randomly showed up to my home (and i didnt answer the door for 10 minutes because i had no effin idea who it was)

    so yea, thats what just happened to me
  2. did they come to japan from visit you? or were they already in the area?
  3. Wow...that's crazy that they just showed up with no prior notice. That's cool though. I guess we don't always realize the little things that really affect us and change our lives. I think it's odd that people always seem to remember the oddest details.
  4. they came on a 10 day vacation (from japan), theyre visiting a lot of places, boston, new york, canada, etc, and their first stop was their old neighborhood. they brought gifts, were very nice, and it was interesting to see the cultural/language barrier, especially after i remember them being 100% americans as far as i was concerned. My mom went to hug the father, and i immediately knew it was going to be akward - they don't hug in japan, or even shake hands. Even though my friends english was completely broken and almost forgotten, he was still able to understand all the conversation, and was able to speak as long as he understood the question. his dad had to translate a lot of the questions to him. even his younger sister could comprehend the conversation, which i found remarkable because she was about 4 when they left america.

    First thing he asked me when i opened the door was "do you remember me," i was just like, holy shit how the hell could i forget? i dont know why this is affecting me so much, i can't find a word to describe this emotion right now... its a completely new one to me. i wonder what the overall opinion on marijuana is in japan? of course that was something i couldnt ask haha- i wish i knew they were coming... i would have liked to clean the house before... or at least myself:eek:
  5. I think I know how you feel. I've run into people who I haven't seen or heard from in years that were very important in my past and it always throws me for a loop. Hey at least you got to see him!

    Did you ask for a way to keep in touch?
  6. Interesting...
  7. yep, got all their e-mails - they even told me to come visit sometime, which i should definitely do, even though it'll be extremely strange for a variety of reasons. Its funny because somehow they came up in conversation with my mom and i just a few days ago, and i was saying how much i'd like to see him. Actually, it came up in conversation because i had found some oldschool japanese-style baseball bat that he gave me a while back. I can still remember the day they moved into my neighborhood and my mom brought me over to their house to introduce ourselves... i was in kindergarden.
  8. You should definately go visit and stay in touch.

    People touch our lives in different ways, and you wanted to see him ... and were able to. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. :)
  9. thats fucking cool bro. i had a similar experience. back when i was in 2nd grade i went to this one school for only a year. and i had a lot of friends there. well i moved. i moved a lot as a kid (actually i still do move a lot) but anyways as the years go on i go i went to highschool. and literally throughout the first week of school i saw all my old friends that i didnt talk to anymore and it was just pretty fucking cool.

    another time was i was hanging out with my friends friend one time and i found out that my friends friend was actually MY friend from like when we were 3-5 years old when we used to go to this one babysitters house way back then. it was soooo weird. sharing the little stories that we could barely remember lol.

  10. yes i meant to type 'from japan' lol. how long did you hang with him for ?
  11. not much longer than an hour. there wasn't a whole lot we could do (especially since i know nothing about him now other than that he liked baseball and video games when he was 9 lol) and we caught eachother up on most things in our lives. They were also pretty jet lagged - they got here today, and its like a 12 hour time difference from japan... so when they visited us at 3pm it felt like 3 or 4am to them
  12. The opinion of marijuana is japan is very anti marijuana. It is extremely unpopular there and I have seen that usage in japan is about 1% or lower. If you ever go, dont bring it with you, or buy any. I have also heard you can get 7 years hard labor for possession there. Im not bullshitting you either, its true, but sad. That is Japan's policies with weed.

    Also, I cant believe that they would go from Japan to US for just 10 days.
  13. yea, he said it was the longest he could get a vacation for, and that getting any vacation at all was difficult to get. As far as marijuana in japan, i kinda figured it was that way. At least with my friend who visited - it seemed pretty evident that none of them had ever even touched marijuana, but again, different cultures, so i wasn't really sure. And yea, i would never bring weed on an airplane anyways, but good to know i shouldnt have any pot on me if i ever go to japan

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