So I just planted my first seed (Questions)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by primatime, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. So as my title suggests, i planted my first seed today after germination. My main question being; Is there a specific time period after germination that i should have planted them? When i moved the seed to the pot the little seed shell came off almost as soon as i picked it up. Is this anything to be worried about? Im a first time grower and i just want to get as much solid info as i can.
  2. All sounds good for now

    indeed the shell does fall off if left too long to soak

    hopefully you have a radicle/tail that is about half an inch or more long ..?

    keep her warm and something should happen very soon

    keep a temp gauge close and if at 25c/77f is good to go

    good luck
  3. Thanks for your reply! The root was a pretty decent length, no way for me to know exact length though, maybe about the length of a fingernail or so. One of the seeds seems to have rooted itself into the paper towel i was soaking them in and already had two tiny leaves popping out. The other one was still round on the top, but had a pretty good tail

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