So I just had a pretty bad night.

Discussion in 'General' started by 4twen_t, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. So I did salvia for the second time tonight. It was 10x concentrated. First time was really great, me and my good friend matt, and the supplier pat. I couldn't stop laughing, it was just a good time.

    Tonight, however was different. I bought the salvia (same exact stuff smoked yesterday) and it was me, matt again, and our good friends nate and chris.

    Chris smokes weed all the time, so he took a HUGE hit from the waterfall bong I have, held it in for a long time, and let it barely affected him. He felt it, but he said he just felt like he was really high and could compose himself fairly well.

    Nate did it, took a few small hits, held em in for a while...he really felt it, couldn't stop laughing, drooling, it was really funny. Just as it should be.

    Matt tried it...Took too large of a hit, and since he doesn't really smoke at all, started coughing and lost all the smoke, so he got very very slightly buzzed.

    Then I did it. Took a fairly large hit, held it for a LOT longer than they did...and got hit REALLY hard by it. Now, as I started doing this, Nate and Matt started talking about how they wanted to go to taco bell. Chris however, was trying to talk to them and tell them to start bugging me out and fucking with me. They ignored him, but he decided to do it anyway. I didnt feel like I did the first time. I felt really high, and though I knew chris was just fucking with me, it was really freaking me out. Nate and Matt by that point had moved further away from me and were still talking. I was paranoid as all hell, felt like I just smoked too much weed and was just bugging out. Chris was staring at me, standing over me with this blank stare that was really freaking me out. But I knew he was fucking with me. What was really freaking me out, was that I could barely hear Matt and Nate. What I could hear, for some reason, made me think they were out to kill me. I dont know why, but it was REALLY freaking me out. Chris staring at me did NOT help.

    Thankfully, with salvia, the peak of the high is very short, and in 5 minutes, I knew everything was fine...but for a little while after, I couldnt shake the feeling that they were all up to something. It went away, and I was just left with a nice buzz for about 40 minutes.

    It really wasnt a very good experience.
  2. you definitely aren't doing it right mang.
    salvia takes you into another world. you shouldn't be able to comprehend anything going on around you
  3. not if its only a 10x concentration.
  4. Ya you, or any of your friends, have yet to break through. When you do it's crazy, but barely anything around you stays the same....well more like you forget about it and are just in a new world. And you wouldn't even notice your friends. When you don't break through, salvia sucks, at least in my opinion.
  5. I saw Tony the Tiger on the golden gate bridge when I smoked salvia, but it turns out I was just sitting in my room with my girlfriend.
  6. That's the same thing as a bad trip on shrooms x 3 hours haha yea it's not fun...
  7. I know how you feel. Salvia's always reallly uncomfortable for me, everything feels sharp. Like the last time I smoked it, I felt like my clothes were cutting my arms and legs, it sucked.
  8. Try it sometime in a more comfy setting. And maybe with friends that wouldn't "fuck" with you when your tripping. That's not cool.
  9. Thanks for your sharing!!
    that isn't a good experience.
  10. BULLSHIT! you meant to say: "not if its crappy 10x from a smoke shop."

    Ive breakthroughed on 10x and 20x and it can definitely happen on 10x. I'm sorry to read about your friends, cause its just bullshit when friends decide to try and do some stupid ass shit to "trip you out." So i'm curious where did the salvia come from? A headshop?

  11. qft and stuff.
  12. Next time it will be in a more comfortable setting. Probably with just Matt or just Nate. I'm never doing anything again with Chris.

    Also, the salvia was from
  13. 10x blows....Get 20x purple sticky, that shit will make you trip just as intensely as shrooms. But I've only gotten it from headshops not dealers, don't know anyone who pushes salvia honestly hah.
  14. Yeah 4twen_t , drop your friend Chris out of the circle, that was a dick move of him.

    Sorry you had a bad trip the second time, I know the feeling of thinking the world has turned on you, very intense.

    Just remember, dim lighting, calm music, and something comfortable to sit on helps immensely.

    Next time it should effect you more, as Salvia has reverse tolerance.

    Have fun and be careful. :)

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