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So, I Just got slapped in the face (metaphorically of course)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Typhoid, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. :|

    So, I am super baked right now, and I am talking to this girl I used to know. She seemed pretty excited to be talking to me, and we talked quite awhile.

    So anyways, a ways back, I used to like her. I had to move away, but I just decided to talk to her today.

    So, we are talking about music and stuff, and I bring up the fact that she is pretty and that her boyfriend is lucky.

    Her boyfriend was actually her girlfriend.

    And she is lesbian :|

    Fuck. I think she's the redhead that made me start liking redheads...
  2. That's awkward.
  3. First problem. You went for a redhead. Fuck redheads.

  4. Yep. Then I told her I smoke cannabis. At least that worked out fine.

    Actually, wait, I'm super baked, so maybe by girlfriend she meant just a friend. You know how girls are, always marrying their friends on facebook...

    Because she also talked to me about this guy who goes to my school who went out with her, so I'm confused. Maybe she recently became a lesbian?

    Or maybe I'm just stoned...

  5. You're right, I will fuck redheads.
  6. ...

    Ask her if you can watch?
  7. You're stoned. Girls say they have girlfriends all the time man.
  8. just tell her your stoned, then you can ask her if shes a lesbian
  9. I already told her goodnight haha, so I'll ask her tomorrow. It's crazy how shit changes.

  10. Is it wierd this was running through my head at the time?

    I'm going to preemptively tell myself yes.
  11. Dude she's bisexual or bicurious. Don't sweat it. I've been there~
  12. It's ok guys he's just kidding
  13. Actually, I am not kidding at all :|

    EDIT: Lol, I see what you are talking about.

    V V V V V
  14. lol this situation would have sucked more if she had just broken up with you.
  15. Girls tell you they're gay so you wont expect to get them in bed.
  16. Just accept it and be good friends...The pressure is off now anyway.

    My reaction woulda been...

    Oh really?? Thats cool.....Can I watch sometime? :wave:
  17. Ahhhh that fucking sucks. I've had crushes on lesbians before and it's horrible. Really awkward when they tell you lol

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