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So I just finished smoking everything I had.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kurt123, May 9, 2011.

  1. I mean EVERYTHING. I scraped out my grinder yesterday, and today i scraped it out again. I smoked the crumbs to white ash. I smoked a decent amount of resin off my glass pipes, and got to the wood on the oak pipe. I got the bong cleaned. I even put the lighter to my grinder and took it like hash oil on a knife.

    And pot is coming, but it's not coming soon enough. My one friend's dealer is MIA on a reported drug binge. The stoner friends from around here all moved up to Ottawa. Ottawa is like Ontario's pot heaven. I don't think it's like BC, but it's better than Toronto. I haven't had a dealer in my life. In fact, I've ever bought my pot off a dealer once. They're scarce around here. Around here, you take what you can get for more than it's worth. Most of the pot is dry and has lost the essential oils that give it it's kick. Everyone's charging $60/quarter now, a supposedly new price increase. But that's bogus, because you can get it way cheaper in Ottawa and BC for better stuff. I refuse to pay $60 for a quarter. I found someone who can hook me up, but his guy only goes through friends, because that's the smart way to deal pot.

    Which got me thinking: Why haven't I thought of growing pot INSIDE before? Anyways, I got three seeds being shipped to me: Prozack (Indica Medical Grade), Little Cheese Automatic (Ruderalis hybrid of a cheese and blueberry hybrid, tons of flavours), and G13 Haze (self-explanatory).

    I got premium compost from my backyard, and mixed in perlite. But my soil is absorbant. Very. So I need to sand the mixture down so it drains.
  2. $60 a quarter?
    I need to move to canada.
    in cali I'm paying $90 a quarter for dank shit.
    just ask some smokin friends...
  3. Yea dude, $60 a quarter is an amazing deal, I'd probably smoke a half ounce a week if I could get a quarter for $60.
  4. You guys only smoke a half ounce a week?

    No, I kid. But seriously, some of us do. 3-5 times daily for basically their current lives.
  5. Now I'm fucking pissed off dropping 60 bucks on eighths every week WTF!
  6. This story was hard to follow.

  7. Ditto. Fuck NY. Im moving north.
  8. lol yeah kinda... i'll simplify for other blades

    pot is expensive, he's gonna grow his own

    street prices 'round these parts are 120 for a quarter... 90 a quarter is a "good deal"

  9. exactly. fuck the east coast
  10. $60 quarters? I feel terrible for you..
  11. Quote the fucking truth.
  12. #12 Matza, May 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    That's what I'm saying fuck this
  13. Heh. Well Canada is a lot more free than America. You guys might not realize it. You're all welcome as long as you don't American up the place. We get enough of that from the Government... I digress...

    We don't have a DEA that's after us. The cops barely care unless you're a grower, and even then you'd probably get off with a fine if you were growing only for personal use. You get 6 months in jail maximum or a $2000 fine for carrying 30g or less. But most times, the cops will give you a warning, or if they're dicks, confiscate + warning. The cops around here are bullies more than anything else. They're not hardcore like your dudes' law enforcement.
  14. sad truth is... there are no "mids" in my area. there is either schwag (no, not shitty mids... i'm talkin moldy wet bricked seeds and stems) or the good stuff, medical grade.

    schwag goes for twenty a quarter on a good day, lately it's been 25... one time i picked all the seeds and stems out of a quarter.... they weighed more than an eighth. yeah...:rolleyes:
  15. Actually, someone tried to sell some decent outdoor shit for $140. I just laughed and got a G. Da fuck outta here with that mess.
  16. dude trust me, i've thought about moving up there... but honestly, ITS TOO COLD! lol. if there's a spot in canada where it's above 60 degrees, below 90 for a majority of the year i'm outta here as soon as i have the funds. i like it here, i just don't like the laws.
  17. lol yeah, i'm not opposed to a decent outdoor product, but fuck 140.

  18. nothin at all wrong with outdoor.. :hello: i do it outdoor
  19. I completely agree with you. America has much better land. But seriously, I would never want to live in America. The land, however, I would love to have.

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